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Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

Age-Defying Feats and Other Labor Day Circuit Updates

In the Badlands, veteran circuit finals champ Matt Zancanella holds an affirming lead over the young guns, while bubble battles emerge throughout the circuits.

heeling fundamentals

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Practice During Downtime

Hunter Koch talks about how to focus on the key elements of roping in a practice session.

Rein Length The Team Roping Journal

Latest Videos

Get a Grip: Rein Length with Hunter Koch and Wesley Thorp

How tight should your reins be when you're heeling? Hunter Koch and Wesley Thorp demonstrate.

Wesley Thorp Hunter Koch Vet Check

"The Score" Podcast

The Short Score: Vet Check with Wesley Thorp and Hunter Koch

Wesley Thorp and Hunter Koch talk about what should and shouldn't matter in a vet check in this episode of "The Short Score." - Wesley Thorp, Cody Snow, Hunter Koch

Team Roping News Launches New Training Video Series with World Champion Team Roper Wesley Thorp, Standout Heeler Hunter Koch and 2019 NFR Average Champion Cody Snow

In their new video series on, members can watch as Thorp, Koch and Snow give viewers an exclusive look into their practice sessions, run breakdowns and more.

Hunter Koch


Green Horse Gameday Checklist

Hunter Koch's in-depth plan for preparing a green horse for competition.

Team Roping Gear

Head Up! Hunter Koch’s Hackamore Hack

Before the 2021 American Rope Horse Futurity Association World Championships, NFR heeler Hunter Koch borrowed this unstamped hackamore from former ARHFA World Champ Billie Jack Saebens. Here’s why.


5 Steps to a Better Heeling Position with Hunter Koch

Taking your heeling to the next level is all about riding better position down the arena.

Team Roping News

Brown and Koch Battle Lightning Storm to Advance to WCRA’s Gold Medal Round

Luke Brown and Hunter Koch won the third performance of the semi-finals during a lightning storm with a 4.91-second run, advancing them to the WCRA Days of ’47 Gold Medal Round

"The Score" Podcast

What it Takes to Win Sheridan WYO with Hunter Koch

Hunter Koch joins "The Short Score" host Kaitlin Gustave in Season 4, brought to you by

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