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Saebens Sweeps Heading at Gold Buckle Futurity, Gets 4-&-Under Win on Bonny Freckles T4
Saebens was a heading machine at the Gold Buckle Futurities Winter Event.
Billie Jack Saebens Bonny Freckles T 4
Billie Jack Saebens and Bonny Freckles T 4 winning the 4-&-Under Futurity. | Shelby Lynn Photo

NFR Heeler Billie Jack Saebens’ heading game is on point, getting the win in the 4-&-Under Heading at the Gold Buckle Futurities Winter Event on Bonny Freckles T 4, owned by Bart and Tana Hutton.

The mare, by Freckles Ranger out of Twisselena’s Ima Bonnie Girl N 4, was bred by the Huttons and started her training with tie-down roper Justin Maass before coming to Saebens in the winter of 2023.

Saebens talks to Katy Lucas after winning the 4-&-Under Heading average at the Gold Buckle Futurities Winter Event in 2023. | Elite Equine Promotions Photo

“I had to get her out of the right lead and moved over a little bit,” Saebens explained of her training. “But chasing cows was already easy for her.”

She scored a 900.20, worth $9,000, and she won the third go-round, too, with a 226.52, worth another $1,000.

“She’s really pretty good everywhere,” Saebens said. “She locked up to the box and looked out of the front of the bridle. She stood there good, and she ran and rated. She caught up good every time. I took a couple of swings and let her set in the spot for a second to show the judges I wasn’t throwing because I had to. She stuck her hind end down good and faced good, and it all flowed together pretty good.” 

The mare is big—already 15.1 at just 4, and Maass sent her to Saebens because she had outgrown the tie-down roping in spite of her talent.

Saebens got the win with the help of Hunter Koch on the back side. | Shelby Lynn Photo

Saebens had the help of NFR Heeler Hunter Koch, fresh off a second-place finish in the aggregate at the 2023 NFR. Koch also helped Saebens win the Maturity Heading on SJR Diamond Billy, the buckskin 5-year-old Saebens has been campaigning for Southern Ranches. TRJ

Full Results Gold Buckle Futurities Heading

Gold Buckle FuturitiesFuturity Heading
Belton, TXSaturday, December 30, 2023
1st GoTimePayout
1MYRICHCOUSINVINNIEAndy Holcomb225.74$1,000.00
2nd Go
1THE DARKK SIDEMiles Baker226.05$1,000.00
3rd Go
1BONNY FRECKLES T 4Billie Jack Saebens226.52$1,000.00
Short Go
1LEAD ONBobby Mote219.17$1,000.00
1BONNY FRECKLES T 4Billie Jack Saebens900.20$9,000.00
2METALLIC HARDWOODAndy Holcomb893.58$7,000.00
3STYLIN BILLMiles Baker892.46$4,500.00
4MYRICHCOUSINVINNIEAndy Holcomb879.59$2,500.00
Gold Buckle Futurity IncentivePayoutPayout (each)
1METALLIC HARDWOODAndy Holcomb893.58$28,000.00$14,000.00
2MYRICHCOUSINVINNIEAndy Holcomb879.59$18,500.00$9,250.00
Gold Buckle Futurity LimitedPayout
1REDS PRETTY BOYCade Rice658.33$1,500.00
2LEAD ONBobby Mote658.29 
Total Payout$75,000.00
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