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Team Roping Tips

Building a Better Run with Kolton Schmidt & Hunter Koch

In preparing for this year’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, Kolton Schmidt and Hunter Koch are taking their run to the next level.

"The Score" Podcast

The Score: Season 3 Episode 19 with Kolton Schmidt

Kolton Schmidt joins Chelsea Shaffer for Season 3, Episode 19 of The Score, brought to you by Equinety.

"The Score" Podcast

Separating Practice and Jackpotting with Kolton Schmidt

Kolton Schmidt shares how he has worked on separating his practice sessions from jackpotting by learning to react.

"The Score" Podcast

Roping Lesson with Kolton Schmidt: Building Confidence in Your Horses

There’s no better time than now to hone your horsemanship. The staff at The Team Roping Journal is pairing up with the best in the world to provide regular audio tips that you can listen to while you’re riding, roping or just visualizing your runs.

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

Calgary Stampede Adding Team Roping, Set to Become PRCA Rodeo in 2020

The 2020 Calgary Stampede will add team roping and become a PRCA rodeo, counting toward the PRCA's world standings.

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5 Episodes of ‘The Score’ to Help You Survive Holiday Travel

There's nothing like some team roping talk to make time with the family fly by.

Team Ropers

First In Line: Ronald Schmidt’s Snowcat T.R.A.S.H.

Whether it’s making a road across the frozen backcountry or being the inaugural Champion Heeler of the Canadian Finals Rodeo, Ronald Schmidt is no stranger to going first.

"The Score" Podcast

The Score: Season 2, Episode 8: Kolton Schmidt

Schmidt talks about the mental battle, relearning to ride, and partnerships.


Fixing A Climber with Kolton Schmidt

Keeping your head horse running flat across the arena.

Team Roping Tips

Jackpotting on a Green Head Horse: How NOT to Get in a Bind

Kolton Schmidt gives his advice for jackpotting on a green horse...

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