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Team Roping Tips

Brazile’s First Handmade Saddle

Trevor Brazile's first handmade saddle was a Slim Fleming he got at 12 years old, and he rode it the rest of his youth career.

Team Roping Tips

Are You Creating Good or Bad Habits in Your Rope Horse?

Trevor Brazile explains the importance of evaluating your team roping practices to ensure we are teach our horses something.

Team Roping Tips

Brazile’s Next Great One

BoomBoom Firecracker is one of Brazile’s first home-raised projects, and the horse’s progression has taught Brazile some hard lessons on his journey to becoming one of the best young horses in the industry.

Team Roping Tips

The Trevor Brazile Bit Video Every Team Roper Needs to See

Inside look at Trevor Brazile's tack room and bit collection.

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How Do You Know If Your Head Horse is Jackpot Ready?

How 26-Time World Champion Trevor Brazile decides whether a head horse is ready for the pressure of a jackpot.

Team Roping Tips

New Rope Prep: How Trevor Brazile Gets His Ropes Jackpot-Ready

Trevor Brazile's tips on how he prepares his ropes to be jackpot-ready.

Team Roping Tips

Trevor Brazile: When and How to Use Your Left Hand

The way you use your left hand throughout the run is critical to providing clear and consistent signals to your head horse.


Right-Leaded Head Horses are Flat Dangerous. Here’s How to Fix Them.

Trevor Brazile explains how to fix a right-leaded head horse.


Trevor Brazile’s Scoring Theory

The feel Trevor Brazile demands in the corner is designed to make his horses score sharper throughout their careers. Here's how he does it.


Let Your Colts Make Mistakes with Trevor Brazile

The 25-time World Champion Trevor Brazile talks about how he lets colts make mistakes rather than micromanaging their progress.

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