Target and Position Roping Both Horns at Once
Twenty-six-time World Champion Trevor Brazile discusses common mistakes—and their solutions—when roping both horns at once.

Roping both horns at one time is an advanced heading style used by many of the best open ropers in the business. In this video brought to you by Cactus Ropes, Trevor Brazile explains where ropers need to be roping the dummy (and horseback) when reaching for both horns at once, as well as how ropers need to adjust their target to rope the horns in this manner.

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Trevor Brazile is the winningest cowboy in professional rodeo history, with $7 million in career earnings and 26 gold buckles. The sport’s elite all-around hand, Brazile has won over $800,000 in Cinch Timed Event Championship competition alone. Since leaving the rodeo arena full-time in 2019 to spend time with his family, Brazile has changed his focus to making the best young horses in the roping industry. He’s already won hundreds of thousands in American Rope Horse Futurity Association competition, and his training style and philosophy are based on fundamentals and consistency.

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