Roping Steers
Roping Steer
Relentless Insights
The Importance of Slow Practice Cattle
From the saddle, team roper Cade Rice takes the head rope off a steer.
Steer Trainin'
Take off That Head Rope
Steer sitting in the chute getting the horn wrap taken off.
Make Your Steers Last Longer
NFR team roping steer Jade Corkill
Money Steer Report: Round 8
NFR team roping steers
Roping's Eliminator Pen: Round 7 Steers Mark Run Three On Tricky First Pen
NFR Roping Steer
Halfway There: Round 5 NFR Steer Report
NFR team roping steers
Soft Side: Round 3 National Finals Rodeo Steer Report
Team roping steer
Back on Track: Round 2 NFR Steer Report
NFR steers
Newer Models: Round 1 National Finals Rodeo Steer Report
Winter Cattle
Winter is Coming