The slow practice cattle are the ones that can humble you. They’ll help you find the holes in your horsemanship and they’ll help you and your horse stay sharp and focused. In this video brought to you by Cactus Ropes, Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker explain the reasons—and there are many of them—why slow cattle should be a part of your team roping practice.

“I think you’re kidding yourself a lot of times if you think you’ve moved on from slow cattle and still have a horse who has a lot of rate. Because if a cow is running fast enough, rate’s never an issue; he’s always staying in front of you.”

Watch “The Importance of Slow Practice Cattle” now:

About Trevor Brazile:

Trevor Brazile is the winningest cowboy in professional rodeo history, with $7 million in career earnings and 26 gold buckles. The sport’s elite all-around hand, Brazile has won over $800,000 in Cinch Timed Event Championship competition alone. Since leaving the rodeo arena full-time in 2019, Brazile has changed his focus to making the best young horses in the roping industry. He’s already won hundreds of thousands in American Rope Horse Futurity Association comp

About Miles Baker:

Miles Baker builds some of the best horses in the roping industry, ringing a bell at horse sales and winning big at the rope horse futurities. His ranch-raised horsemanship is why the King of the Cowboys, Trevor Brazile, relies on Baker for his in- and out-of-the-arena training help.

Miles Baker joins Brazile, seven-time World Champs Jake Barnes and Clay Cooper, two-time World Champs Patrick Smith and Matt Sherwood and other NFR talents on

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