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The Importance of Building a Consistent Loop, with Trevor Brazile

If you want to consistently hit your target, consistently build a balanced loop.

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Why Splitting the Horns Happens and How To Avoid It, With Trevor Brazile

Splitting the horns is as frustrating as it is common. Trevor Brazile explains why this happens and how to avoid it.

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Getting the Most Out of a Dummy Roping Session

Fine-tune your roping skills in just 15 minutes of practice on the dummy.

Trevor Brazile Relentless Insights

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Target and Position Roping Both Horns at Once

When roping both horns, the biggest mistake you can make is concentrating too hard on the right horn.

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Your Target & Position Has to Match Your Roping Style

Adding Speed to Cow Horse Trevor Brazile TuckinAwayBuckles

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FINDING THE RUN: How to Add Speed to a Cow Horse

How the Relentless Remuda's Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker get the most run possible out of cow-bred horses.

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Is There a Such Thing As Too Much Slide?

Is there such a thing as too much slide? Trevor Brazile says 'Nah.' Here's why.

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Trevor Brazile’s Guide for Protecting Your Horse Investment

The rope horse market has exploded, and good horses are expensive. Here’s how you can protect your investment.

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Heel Horse Breaking Too Wide? Fix It the Right Way

When your heel horse breaks wide, how are you addressing it? Too many ropers point their horses toward the chute to over-correct it, when that just causes the horse to break even wider to avoid hitting the chute itself.

"The Score" Podcast

How to Ride Your Stirrups with Trevor Brazile

Trevor Brazile is on "The Score" as a bonus episode in Season 4, brought to you by, powered by The Team Roping Journal.

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