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A Streak Of Fling Makes New Home Lazy E Ranch 
A Streak Of Fling stepped off the trailer Nov. 27, 2023, to begin his new chapter at the Lazy E in Guthrie, Oklahoma.
A Streak Of Fling
A Streak Of Fling will stand at the Lazy E Ranch as of Nov. 27, 2023. | Photos Courtesy Fulton Performance Horses

The $9.2 million sire A Streak Of Fling has moved to the Lazy E Ranch in Guthrie, Oklahoma, bringing the top-producing living stallion in barrel racing to the premier breeding facility in the United States.

A Streak Of Fling, the 1999 son of Streakin Six out of Moon Fling by Fast Fling, is owned by South Dakota’s Fulton Performance Horses, producing offspring like Jake Clay’s two-time BFI Champion and Head Horse of the BFI, Streakin Sun Dew, Garrett Tonozzi’s two-time WCRA Champion Head Horse Streakin Disco and fellow Lazy E stallion Oz Ona Hot Streak, who won the first Calgary Stampede team roping with Ross Ashford.

“This is a positive move for Streaker for a few reasons: Number one, he’s moving closer to us,” owner Lisa Fulton said. “We’re at the Lazy E a lot, and we can see our guy more. Two, we do all our repro work at the Gragg Ranch/Oklahoma City Equine Center 5 miles away, as we have for 13 years. And three, there’s so much visibility at the Lazy E—every time you walk down the hall to the concession stand, you see all those photos on the wall. With the stallion tours, all of the people who come to the E for so many of the largest events in all of the industry will get to meet Streaker and enjoy him.”

A Streak Of Fling Roan Stallion
A Streak Of Fling | Photo Courtesy Fulton Performance Horses

Lazy E Ranch will handle all booking and contracts for A Streak Of Fling, whose stud fee is $6,500 in 2024 and is available for cooled semen and ICSI only.

“Adding A Streak Of Fling to our lineup of stallions is absolutely in line with keeping the best performance and race horses in the nation at the Lazy E,” Monty McNair, Lazy E Ranch manager, said. “Our staff is primed to keep Streaker at the top of his breeding game, with the best veterinarians and staff possible to serve every mare owner at any location.”

Dr. Carly Turner-Garcia is the Lazy E’s managing veterinarian, overseeing the stallion’s breeding on-site. Dr. Turner-Garcia worked with long-time Fulton vet Dr. Brian Carroll and Dr. Dee Gragg at Oklahoma City Equine Center, adding to the Fulton’s confidence in the Lazy E’s services. Dr. Carroll was the long-time vet at the James Ranch, where A Streak Of Fling stood for the first time after moving to a full-time stallion station in 2010.

“To us, Streaker is Brian,” Lisa said of the horse’s relation to her late husband who qualified for the NFR in both the tie-down and steer wrestling. “Brian’s the one Streaker had to fit when we got him home. He wanted a stud he could ride and rope and do everything on. Streaker brings back all of those wonderful memories—those bring smiles and happy thoughts. He was what we were looking for to go forward with. A lot of the youngsters didn’t know him, and didn’t know what Brian did, but Streaker was bought for the roping and bull dogging end of the arena. Where the market is today, this is our chance to bring him full circle. Brian had him knot-roping down the wall in eight weeks. It’s all come about full circle to see so much happening in the roping, and bringing Streaker to the E will continue that circle.”

For more information on ASOF, contact Monty McNair at Lazy E Ranch, 405-368-8924, email, or visit

Incentives: Riata Buckle, Gold Buckle Futurities, Medal Program – Platinum Medal Futurity, Royal Crown, Ruby Buckle, Pink Buckle, Breeders Challenge, The Diamond Classic, Future Fortunes, Triple Crown 100, Tomorrow’s Legends, Colorado Classic, Homegrown Classic, Select Stallion Stakes, VGBRA, PESI/WPRA, Corn Husker Futurity, MN Breeders Futurity / Maturity, Southwest Desert Classic, BBI Futurity, Go For Broke – Full House Incentive, Grid Iron Futurity, Top Shelf Breeders, Legendary Stakes Barrel Racing, Western Fortunes (Canada)

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