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The Lari Dee Guy Issue: Team Roping Journal Extra, Volume 18:

Breakaway roping insights, gear essentials, horses and theories on breakaway roping with Lari Dee Guy, brought to you by 5Star Equine Products.

On this International Women’s Day, we are proud to release this Lari Dee Guy TRJ Extra brought to you by 5Star Equine Products. Guy has undoubtedly influenced the way women rope and train, and she’s pushed the sports of team roping and breakaway roping forward with her horsemanship and her mental edge. In this Extra, we bring you her insights, her gear, her horses and her theories on breakaway roping in advance of the April 2021 release of our first print edition of The Breakaway Roping Journal.

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In our 18th edition of the TRJ Extra, you’ll receive the following:

• Lari Dee Guy's Breakaway Roping Impact 

• Guy's Gangster

• Guy's Gear Essentials

• Tips on Quartering

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