Leaving Calgary
My Fourth of July Wrap Up

I had a couple unlucky deals over the Fourth of July–I missed in the short round of Reno to win a whole bunch, and I broke the barrier by about an inch at Ponoka to be 7.2 and win a lot. But I did place in a round at Ponoka, and I placed in the average at Prescott to win about $5,000 over Cowboy Christmas. That didn’t really shoot me up into the standings, but it helped me hold my position, which is important this time of year. I’m sitting 11th right now. 

Credit: Tyson Durfey

We’ve been at Calgary this week, and I’ve won about $4,000 here. I’m coming back on Saturday for the Wildcard Round, so hopefully I’ll be able to make the short round. It’s been a pretty relaxing week. We get about half the day to ourselves, with sponsor obligations in the morning, roping in the afternoon and then our own time at night. Shea and I love to movie binge while we’re here. I think we went to see a movie every night, so we’re all caught up on what’s out.

I rode my young horse, Griffin, who I got last fall. He’s worked awesome–that’s been the highlight of my trip to Calgary. He seems to be really solid right off the bat, and that’s got me excited for what’s to come with him. 

Tonight I’m heading to Casper and the Sheridan, then Laramie the morning of the 11th. Then I’ll come back to Calgary to try to make the short round. 

Shea’s parents fly into Calgary to meet us this week, and after we’re done in Canada we’ll head to Nampa, Idaho, where Shea has researched a water park for us. That will be fun and a nice break before we get ready for the big ones coming up. I’m really looking forward to Salinas–I’ve won a lot there, and it’s got that unique long start where we come from the heading box. The history of that rodeo is just unbelievable, and I’m looking forward to it. 

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