Pre-NFR Practice Steers

After a long summer of rodeos the family and I got to go home for a few days. We’ve been gone since June so we were ready to be back. I’ve still got a couple busy weeks left but then I’m looking forward to being home for awhile.

One of the first things I did when I got home was pick up some great steers from FSR Cattle Company. It felt good getting to rope some some nice steers in my own arena. I rode a couple practice horses I have and ran a couple on my good horses. My main focus practicing this week was to get ready for the Justin Boot Championship in Omaha.

Jade and I also shot quite a bit of video one day this week for Smarty the Practice Steer. Should be good watching. The Smarty crew do a great job and are a lot of fun.

I’m in Omaha now. We ran the steers through Wednesday and they are a good set of steers. I look forward to this rodeo every year. It pays great and there’s only 12 teams.

I’d like to leave here in the #1 spot in season earnings, that’s my goal every year. I’m bared down, my horses feel good and I’ve got a great partner. Time to finish it.


Update: Clay and Jade made $2,467 in Omaha and left in the #1 spot in the World Standings heading into the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

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