Two-time World Champion Patrick Smith is roping’s most in-demand online instructor, with industry-changing Driven, Legend and Driven 2.0, and in November 2023 he will release his newest instructional video, Stay Drivenexclusively streaming on

Stay Driven will focus on the team component of the sport, an element often overlooked by ropers of all levels and will use never-before-seen camera angles and video technology to deepen viewers’ understanding of the sport. 

“My son, Eli, is 10, and he’s jackpotting now,” Smith, 43, said. “When I sit at ropings to watch him, I see how much people don’t understand the basics of this being a team sport. You can’t just be a good header or a good heeler—you have to be a good partner. This video will dive into figuring out why you’re not winning at the jackpots, even if you’re a great roper at whatever number.”

NFR first-timer Tanner Tomlinson gets a clean head shot as two-time World Champ zeroes in on the heels in Round 5 of the 2022 NFR.

Shot over four months at Smith’s picturesque arena in Lipan, the video explores the angles necessary for success—including angles that helped Smith and partner Tanner Tomlinson break the NFR aggregate record in 2022 and exceed $100,000 in ProRodeo season earnings by Sept. 1. 

“As a teacher in this sport, all of us rope so much, that all of this is second nature,” Smith explained. “We know what the tip of our rope is and where it is, we know the importance of keeping the cow’s head to set the run up. But we’ve never had the opportunity that we do today to really show it. 

“Not everybody is going to be able to head the way Tanner Tomlinson heads or heel the way Clay O’Brien Cooper heels,” Smith added. “But there are things that these guys do that are blueprints that no matter what you do, you’re going to have to figure out your way of getting to that same point. With the technology we use, I think it’s really going to shed some light on being a better team mate, work on ourselves, communicate with our partner and be a better roper. No matter what, it’s more fun when you catch. You will enjoy this more when you feel like you’re getting better.”

Filmed in high-definition and available to download for on- or off-line viewing, Stay Driven will join Driven, Legend and Driven 2.0 on their exclusive streaming home, 

The video will be available for on-demand purchase, and it will be available to order via hard-copy DVD on Those who purchase a yearly membership to will receive Stay Driven automatically. More information: