A man and woman duo riding a team of mares claimed the #10 title and $200,000. Michelle Rezzonico, of Queen Creek, Ariz., and Shawn Hastings, of Gilbert, Ariz., roped four steers in 35.51 to top Colorado’s Shane O’Hotto and Terry Lindner for the big payday.

“It was just a thrill. I don’t think I’ve ever had an out-of-body experience like that. This is such an accomplishment,” Rezzonico said.

While their emotions were all over the place after their run, they seemed to have everything in check when they backed in the box as the second callback.

Hastings said they were both strangely calm and ready to make a practice run when they nodded their heads.

The high call team just was a little too slow to oust Rezzonico and Hastings from the lead, and Hastings realized they had won first.

“I’ve never roped for anything like this. Where else can you win something like this?”

“I feel sorry for (the pros). They don’t get to run for as much money as we do!” added Rezzonico.

The team just met two months ago by chance after friends had suggested they rope together.

Hastings rode his 19-year-old buckskin heel and calf horse, Tiffany, which his daughter junior rodeos on, while Rezzonico rode her “backyard, unpapered” 9-year-old mare, Chacha.

Rezzonico had only started roping again (She roped in high school) three years ago after coming to a World Series Finale on a vacation to Las Vegas for the NFR.

“I hadn’t roped for 18 years. We were watching the World Series, and I decided I was going to start again,” Rezzonico said.