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Jim Ross Cooper and Jackyl

Rope Horse Care

The Longest-Lasting Heel Horses of All Time

Horses that set the most steers down.

Speed Williams The Team Roping Journal

Rope Horse Care

Williams is Wowed by the Wonders of Modern Veterinary Medicine

Rope Horse Care

There Will Never Be Another Scooter

Charles Pogue's iconic Scooter was a four-legged wonder.

Rope Horse Care

How Kollin VonAhn Keeps His Horses in World Championship Shape

Two-time World Champion Heeler Kollin VonAhn's feeding regimen.

Rope Horse Care

Clay Tryan’s #1 Head Horse Rebounds Right on Time

Clay Tryan's No.1 head horse "Johnson" bounces back from deep flexor tendon tear just in time for the 2021 Wrangler NFR.

Rope Horse Care

Jake Orman’s Science to Keeping It Simple in the Feed Room

Jake Orman keeps his feeding program simple with local feed and a good mix of quality hay.

Rope Horse Care

Forget the Mess with Ultimate OEC Tip-N-Measure

The Equinety Ultimate OEC Tip-N-Measure container.

Billie Jack Saebens | Kevin

Rope Horse Care

The Comebacks of Billie Jack Saebens’ Kevin

Billie Jack Saebens is Back in Black on Domino Lena.

Rope Horse Care

All in the Cubes: Ross Ashford’s Feed Room

Taking you into Ross Ashford's feed room.

Rope Horse Care

How These 5 Common Rope-Horse Conformation Attributes Affect Soundness

Dr. Chris Morrow discusses five areas of concern that he sees in rope horses that come through his practice regularly.

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