Jake Orman’s Science to Keeping It Simple in the Feed Room
Jake Orman keeps his feeding program simple with local feed and a good mix of quality hay.

Jake Orman, 30, is a perennial contender in PRCA competition, holding the arena record everywhere from La Fiesta de los Vaqueros in Tucson, Arizona, to the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo in Denver. He keeps his feeding program simple with local feed and a good mix of quality hay. 

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Alfalfa/Coastal Hay:

 “We feed coastal in the mornings and alfalfa at night, in hanging feed bags on the fence. There’s not really a science to it—it’s how I’ve always fed and they’ve stayed healthy.”


Safe Balance 14-7
by Livengood Feeds
1.5 scoops, twice per day

“It’s what we’ve always fed. My gray is 17, and I’ve got a sorrel that’s 7. They both do well on it even though they’ve got different needs. Livengood is a local feed company in Lockhart, Texas, and it’s family owned with dealers across the state.” 

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