Equinety and Trevor Brazile Announce Long-Term Partnership

Trevor Brazile, the 26-time world champion cowboy, and Equinety, the industry-leading amino acid supplement, announced a partnership that will take the health of one of the sport’s elite horse programs to the next level.

The long-term partnership means the horses in the Relentless Remuda program—from broodmares to prospects in training to aged horses expected to compete at the highest levels—will benefit from an Equinety XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC regimen. Equinety XL’s eight amino acids promote cellular repair, improving muscle strength and recovery and maximizing performance through cellular regeneration. Equinety Ultimate OEC will improve the cardiovascular and gastric health of the Relentless Remuda, increasing immune function and improving hair and coat health.

“Everyone thinks older horses are the ones that need supplements like this most,” Brazile said. “But younger horses in training are the ones that need those amino acids to repair tissue and rebound to get back to training the next day. I have seen Equinety Ultimate OEC shed out hair on partner horses, leaving them looking healthier and more fit than ever before. That made me a believer.”

Equinety—long a sponsor of Olympic dressage riders and jumpers—has made a new commitment to the Western industry in the last few years. Team Equinety recently signed reigning World Champions Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira, joining Patrick Smith, Tyler Wade, Wesley Thorp and Brazile’s partner, Miles Baker

“Trevor Brazile has raised the bar in every way across Western sports,” Equinety President John Dowdy said. “And the key component in doing that has always been his horsepower. There’s no element of this game he takes more seriously, and we feel confident in our ability to step up to the plate to help him continue to push the envelope when it comes to greatness.”

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