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Heavy Artillery: Ropes The 2024 American Rodeo Headers Will Use March 9 in Globe Life Field
Classic Ropes holds a strong lead in The American Rodeo's 2024 lineup.
American Rodeo Coy Rahlmann Head Rope
Coy Rahlmann will rope for $1 million March 9 with a Classic Powerline XS. | TRJ File Photo

The headers competing in The American Rodeo team roping will overwhelmingly use Classic Ropes, a trend that’s carried strong throughout The Team Roping Journal’s last few years of tracking ropes at major industry events.

Eight of the 10 ropers will use ropes made by Classic and Rattler—sister companies—with the Powerline doing the lion’s share of the work.

Reigning Reserve World Champion Clint Summers will use the lone Rattler GT4 in the bunch, while Andrew Ward will represent the only Cactus Xplosion. Dustin Egusquiza is the only Lone Star Ropes header in the field and the only one using a medium soft.

HeadersHead Rope
Tyler WadeClassic Powerline XS
Clint SummersRattler GT4 XS
Derrick BegayClassic Powerline XS
Andrew WardCactus Xplosion XS/S
Luke BrownClassic Powerline XS
Brenten HallClassic Powerline S
Coy RahlmannClassic Powerline XS
Shay Dixon CarrollClassic Spyder S
Dustin EgusquizaLone Star Helix MS
Clay SmithClassic Powerline S
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