Rope Selection

The Top 15 Headers’ NFR Rope Choices
The weapons of choice for the top 15 headers at the 2023 NFR.

When world titles, NFR average titles and a $1.4-million team roper payout are up for grabs in Las Vegas, the top 15 headers are sure to pick the best ropes in the business for the 2023 NFR.

The top 15 headers in the world have picked their weapons for the 2023 NFR, some sticking with the same rope they use all season, while others will adjust their NFR rope choice for the climate and horn size.

NFR headers’ rope-choice analysis:

  • Classic has the most ropes (and endorsees) in the Thomas & Mack with ten
  • Of the Classic ropes used, five are Powerlines, three of which are XS lays .
  • Notably, Clint Summers is the only endorsee using the GT4.
  • Classic Ropes have won $1.2 million for the men in the top 15 who used them so far in 2023. 
  • Of the three endorsees using Lone Star Ropes— and Dustin Egusquiza, Coleman Proctor and Tanner Tomlinson—each will use a different rope and a different lay. 
  • Lone Star won $390,541.39.
  • Cactus Ropes’ two endorsees—Nelson Wyatt at third and Andrew Ward at 10th—bring with them $259,848.42. 
World StandingsHeaderPre-NFR EarningsRope CompanyRopeLay
1Kaleb Driggers$160,144.53ClassicTriton MS
2Tyler Wade$154,925.69ClassicPowerlineXS
3Nelson Wyatt$145,083.21CactusMini-ThrillMS
4Dustin Egusquiza$138,347.99Lone StarHelixMS
5Derrick Begay$138,115.41ClassicPowerline LiteXS
6Coleman Proctor$133,487.42Lone StarFeverXS
7Rhen Richard$123,483.95ClassicPowerline LiteS
8Erich Rogers$119,653.63ClassicPowerlineXS
9Tanner Tomlinson$118,705.98Lone StarFrioMS
10Andrew Ward$114,765.21CactusXplosionXS/S*
11Clay Smith$103,154.31ClassicPowerlineS
12Marcus Theriot$102,163.55ClassicTritonMS
13Clint Summers$100,522.33RattlerGT4XS
14Jake Clay$100,127.21ClassicPowerlineS
15Luke Brown$97,752.47ClassicPowerlineXS
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