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The Ropes the Top 15 Heelers Will Use at the 2023 NFR
Which ropes will the best heelers in the world be swinging and slinging in the Thomas & Mack?
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There’s a common pick among the top 15 heelers when it comes to their NFR ropes. The 2023 field of NFR heelers have picked the ropes they’ll be going to battle with in the Thomas & Mack.

NFR heelers’ rope-choice analysis

  • The Powerline Lite will make six trips each night inside the Thomas & Mack. 
  • Of the 10 using the Powerline Lite, Jonathan Torres is the only going for a M, as everyone else is going with a HM.
  • Classic Ropes have won $1.3 million for the 11 men in the top 15 who used them so far in 2023. 
  • Patrick Smith is the lone Lone Star endorsee on the heelers’ list.
  •  Levi Lord, Logan Medlin and Jake Long are all Cactus Ropes endorsees but each using different ropes. Lord is going with a Thrilla, Medlin will us a Future and Long is going for a Mojo.

Looking for the headers’ rope choices? Find them here.

World StandingsHeelerPre-NFR EarningsRope CompanyRopeLay
1Wesley Thorp$172,152.96ClassicNV4HM
2Junior Nogueira$160,144.53ClassicPowerline LiteHM
3Colter Todd$153,282.61ClassicPowerlineHM
4Levi Lord$138,347.99CactusThrillaMH
5Logan Medlin$133,487.42CactusFutureMH
6Jeremy Buhler$123,483.95ClassicPowerline LiteHM
7Paul Eaves$120,004.95ClassicPowerlineHM
8Patrick Smith$118,705.98Lone StarThunderbirdM
9Buddy Hawkins$114,765.21ClassicPowerline LiteHM
10Jake Long$114,023.57CactusMojoHM
11Paden Bray$98,555.62ClassicPowerline Lite HM
12Hunter Koch$97,752.47ClassicPowerlineHM
13Cole Curry$94,986.72ClassicPowerline LiteHM
14Jonathan Torres$94,909.03ClassicPowerline LiteM
15Tyler Worley$93,983.17ClassicNV4HM

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