Team Roping Cattle

Team roping cattle stories—because team roping without live cattle is just dummy roping.

Steer sitting in the chute getting the horn wrap taken off.
Make Your Steers Last Longer
Troy Shelley of Shelley Productions lists five ways you can make your cattle last longer.
NFR Steers
Down to the Wire: Round 10 NFR Team Roping Steer Draw
Are there any cattle in here that will take a top team out of the world standings race?
NFR Steers
The Steer Report Matters More Than Ever in Round 9
Round 9's NFR steers have broken records in the past. Will it again in 2022?
NFR team roping steer Jade Corkill
Money Steer Report: Round 8
Which steer is the best? And which one do the top 15 NOT want?
NFR team roping steers
NFR Steer
NFR Team Roping Could Get QUICK in Round 6 with Soft Cattle
The second run on the softest pen of NFR steers from Hill Rodeo Cattle.
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Rope Horse Care

Riley Minor’s RK Tuff Trinket, Brady Minor’s Leos Highbrow and Logan Medlin’s Nita Win Playboy are priceless to their people—and also very low maintenance.