The Big Ones: Round 2 Steer Report

The second pen of cattle in Round 2 of the Wrangler National Final Rodeo Team Roping promises 550-pound Corriente cattle from Hill Rodeo Cattle.

Bobby Joe Hill of Hill Rodeo Cattle breaks down the prospects for the cattle in Round 2 of the 2021 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

767 Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins II


777 Coleman Proctor and Logan Medlin

This is the one everybody wants because we’re in Vegas. Medium. 

766 Derrick Begay and Brady Minor


774 Rhen Richard and Jeremy Buhler 


793 Clint Summers and Ross Ashford

He was maybe medium plus, with shorter horns. 

762 Brenten Hall and Chase Tryan 


771 Tyler Wade and Trey Yates

Medium and steps left a little, but that steer drew bad tonight so Tyler should be just fine.  

764 Clay Tryan and Jake Long


770 Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp


776 Clay Smith and Jade Corkill


760 Erich Rogers and Paden Bray 


759 Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira

Medium plus on the run, and one of the bigger steers in the pen. 

778 Dustin Egusquiza and Travis Graves


775 Quinn Kesler and Joseph Harrison


763 Coy Rahlmann and Douglas Rich

Medium minus. Nothing weak about him, just a tick slower than the rest. 

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