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The Foundation: The Top Hands Behind the Trainers

Even the best ropers—and horse trainers—in the world have some serious backup in the top hands who put the outside rides on their young horses. From ranch cowboys to cow horse trainers to cutters, there are trainers behind the trainers who make top futurity horses, world champions and just true winners. Their styles are as different as the men themselves, but their results are gold buckles, gold globes and all-around great horses.

Rope Horses

Thanks for the Ride, Paint! Begay Says Goodbye to His Game Changer.

Begay Says Goodbye to His Game Changer.

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

Masters Cracks Out 22-Year-Old World-Champion Mount Cody for 2020 Campaign

Chad Masters is relying on the horse he won the 2007 PRCA Heading World Title aboard as rodeo hits crunch time in 2020.

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Tragic Trailer Accident Ended Legendary Poker Chip’s Career Early

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Odds Are, Your Rope Horse Has Ulcers.

If you have a picky eater or a cinchy horse or one with a sore back, it could be ulcers.

Rope Horses

Simpson’s Pack-Horse-Turned-War-Horse Makes NFR Debut

2016 World Champion Levi Simpson relies on his sort-of-snorty ex-pack horse, Stetson, throughout ProRodeo's regular season, and aboard him, Simpson has turned five out of five steers in the first five rounds at the 2020 NFR.

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“Dude” Stands Out as Head Horse of BFI with Former Champ Chris Francis

Chris Francis' Ima Monte Leo stood out on the 20-foot score of the 2020 Bob Feist Invitational.

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Yates’ ‘In The Nic of Shine’ Slides Into Top Spot as Heel Horse of 2020 BFI

Trey Yates' 14-year-old gelding Tux has been a family staple for a decade. At this year's BFI, ropers took notice.

Clay Smith and Marty

Rope Horses

Unregistered: The Best Grade Horses in Team Roping’s (RECENT) History

The best grade horses in team roping's recent history that are overlooked because of their lack of registration papers.

Rope Horses

The Triumphant Return of Kory Koontz’s Remix

Kory Koontz's Remix makes a comeback after the wreck on January 16.

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