A New Look for Spin To Win Rodeo

In April, we sent out an extensive survey to our readers. (Thanks to those of you who responded). The result? Well, You’ll have to get a copy of the magazine to see it, but suffice it to say that Spin To Win Rodeo is rearranged, redesigned and hopefully reenergized.

We basically had one goal in mind: make our magazine something that everyone who picks up a rope has to have. We looked at trends in the magazine business at large and massaged those concepts into something applicable to the rodeo world.

That meant tweaking our design, making the elements flow better and increasing the readability. It also meant tweaking the content. There were some long-standing articles we cut, we kept most, but we also added more?quite a bit more.

Let me get specific, explains some moves we made and give you a tease of what You’ll see in your mailbox in the coming weeks.

First, we organized the magazine into more defined sections.

The first is High Call?which highlights rodeo photography. We gave it a right-hand read section opener and we hope to tell stories in that space with images.

The second, At The Barrier, is designed to get you started into the magazine. This is where we made the most changes. We basically double the space dedicated to this section and again, gave it a section opener. There are five new pieces in that section: Buckle Up, where we tell the story of why a certain cowboy wears a certain buckle; Past, Present, Future, in which we look at interesting themes in rodeo from days of yore, current events and future phenoms; What’s Your Number? (click for a sneak peak) is an interview with an amateur roper; in Face-Up we allow FaceBook fans to ask their favorite pros questions, then we print the answers and finally, we?ve added a veterinarian piece in this section to keep you up-to-date on trends and treatments for your horse.

The third section is Stop the Clock. This is the roping instructional section, which is the meat of our magazine and our calling card for the past 15 years. We’ve added two new pieces to this section: a gear section which shows you what the top pros use and why. Of course, Jake, Clay, Vet?s Office and Freeze Frame are still in this section.

Then come our features. The first is dedicated to issues in the world of amateur team roping, the others will include personality features, trends in rodeo and major event recap stories.

The most noticeable subtraction from the magazine is the monthly barrel racing piece. Our survey showed that was the least favorite article among our readers and you don’t have to tell us twice!

Despite the changes, here’s what we still are: the best source for roping tips and news from the professional to the weekend roper. Here’s what we’re adding: more focus on the amateur roper in many ways. Specifically, You’ll find more social media interaction worked in, better horse care content and two extra instructional articles.

I see a very comfortable mix between news, roping improvement and features. These pages provide the information you need to stay informed on the sport you love, get better at the sport you love and understand the policies, people and events that shape the sport you love.

If you’re not a subscriber, grab one on the newsstand or order start your subscription today at www.spintowinrodeo.com and let us know what you think.

The easiest and most immediate way is via Facebook. Our interactions there are growing by the minute, and the discussions are exciting. We?d love to hear our readers air out their thoughts on this redesign in that social media setting. Of course, feel free to email, write or call in with any comments, as well.

So thank you for your support of this magazine, this sport and this way of life.


Bob Welch
Deputy Editor, Spin To Win Rodeo

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