Clayton Hass to Replace Josh Peek at 2018 Cinch Timed Event Championship
Hass is geared up and ready to roll for a return trip to the Lazy E Arena.

Clayton Hass, a contender for the PRCA All-Around world title the last two years, took a year off from the Cinch Timed Event Championship at the Lazy E Arena in 2017. But with Josh Peek bowing out of the competition this year, Hass is back in and ready to roll. He’s currently eighth in the PRCA world standings in the steer wrestling with $12,591.50 won, and he finished 2017 in the number-17 spot with $70,544.68 won in the bull dogging. He finished 2017  26th in the PRCA heading world standings with $47,285.93 won. 

You’re team roping with John Robertson again this year. How’s the season starting out?

No good so far, but we’ve only been to a few rodeos. (Editor’s note: After I spoke with Hass, he and Robertson got on a roll at San Antonio and are advancing to the Semifinals with $2,973 won each).

How many years have you gone to the Timed Event?

Five. Last year—I had to choose not to go because of the Champions Challenge in Nebraska. So I was in the fan vote this year. 

As a late addition, have you gotten in much practice?

I have been tying some, and I’ve been roping a few calves. I’m trying not to overdue it and get too sore. I’m picking up a tripping horse Friday. And while we’re at San Antone, I’ll go to Scott Snedecor’s.

Who will help you this year?

Billie Jack Saebens will rope with me. Possibly Herbert Theriot.

What was your best finish at the Cinch Timed Event Championship?

I was fifth one year.

What keeps you coming back?

It’s a challenge. I do most of the events. I deserve to be there, for sure. I’ve had some chances to do well and didn’t finish strong. I’ve got more to show, for sure.

What have you learned in the five years competing there?

The biggest thing is to not get caught up too early. When people are sititng good you rope conservative. But when you do things conservatively, you get in a bind. When you have a good shot, take your shot. 

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