Dear Ropers, 

In December 2018, the rodeo world watched as Trevor Brazile bowed out of the sport on a full-time basis. Undoubtedly, we’ll all miss someone who has shared with us so many of his greatest moments in the arena, though his career in semi-retirement is far from over.

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But beginning this month, the team roping world has gained a huge asset. Brazile begins his new monthly column with The Team Roping Journal on page 68 of our April 2019 issue, where he will offer us insights into how he’s built some of the horses who’ve helped him win 24 gold buckles. And this new column is also where he will help readers with their roping and horsemanship each and every month.

Trevor Brazile

Trevor Brazile | Impulse Photography

We’re so excited to expand this partnership with Brazile into the digital realm, too. In the coming months, we’ll offer new videos, quick-tips and more. You’ll be able to count on him the same way those closest to him do—for honest, practical advice to better your roping and your horsemanship. It’s easy: Just email me at or message us on any of our social media channels with your questions for the King of the Cowboys, and we’ll do our very best to have them all answered. No detail is to small, no question too insignificant. Brazile means it when he says he wants to leave the sport better for his presence, and he's ready to help.

Thanks again for stopping by, and don’t forget to reach out.