Hork Dog 21: Proctor and Long Split $22k
Coleman Proctor and Jake Long won the Hork Dog 21.

Coleman Proctor and Jake Long roped six steers in 40.97 seconds to win the average at the Hork Dog Roping, splitting $22,000.

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“The morning of the Hork Dog I had that talk with myself about how I need to go win something because it might be the last chance to do my job for a while,” said Proctor, referring to the ongoing cancelations of events worldwide from COVID-19. “It was a little different style than usual for the Hork Dog, the steers were really strong, and they made it a six header this year.”

In its 21st year the Hork Dog moved to the Lone Star Arena in Stephenville, Texas for the first time. The roping presented ropers with a long barrier, strong steers, and a #16.5 incentive to rope for an 85% payout.

“It is a big time roping, the barrier was just right, and it was a lot of fun,” Long said.

Proctor and Long set the pace for the roping after placing second in the first round with a 6.17-second run, behind Tyler Wade and Joseph Harrison’s 6.11-second run.

“Our first steer was a pretty good steer,” Long said. “Coleman got a really good start on him—made a good run. I think we were 6.1, which I think was huge because a lot of guys were 7 or 8 on their first one. It was really important to draw a good first one.”

The duo maintained their average lead from the start of round two.

“We were in a spot where if we caught the rest of them, we were guaranteed second as long as we didn’t take too long,” Long said. “In the short round we needed to be 9.3, and we didn’t want to break out, so we ran him to the end of the arena and were 8-something.”

Proctor rode his palomino Lena Spark Dun It, who he calls Admiral, a horse that consistently takes him to the pay window.

Coleman Proctor’s Admiral’s papers

“I was so proud of my horse because I was reaching and trying to go as fast as I could go with Ryan and be 5.3 then come right back with Jake and run right in there,” said Proctor, who also won third at the Hork Dog with Ryan Motes. “That horse allowed me to reach and go fast for Ryan and go catch for Jake and never got short.”

Long rode his now well-known sorrel Colonel who he bought a decade ago from Dixon Flowers Performance Horses.

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“He stayed solid and closed the gap for me, he never made a bobble all day,” Jake said. “When I’m on him I have confidence to throw fast.”

Jake Long’s Colonel’s papers.

The Hork Dog was the last time many of the ropers traveling on the road will see each other for a period of time.


“It felt like the last day of school, last time I get to see my buddies for a little bit because we all went home and we don’t know when we will see each other next,” Proctor said. “It has been a nice change of pace to get to be home and get things done I’ve been needing to get done.”

“I think it is the unknown, I think all we can do is keep our mind on our own business,” Long added. “It’s been raining so we can’t rope right now, for me it’s a blessing that way because I get to spend time with my wife and kids.”

Full Results:

1. Coleman Proctor and Jake Long, 40.97 seconds on six head, worth $11,000 a man

2. Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira, 42.30 seconds on six head, worth $9,000 a man

3. Coleman Proctor and Ryan Motes, 42.96 seconds on six head, worth $7,000 a man

4/5. Clint Summers and Douglas Rich, 43.61 seconds on six head, worth $4,250 a man

4/5. Brenten Hall and Chase Tryan, 43.61 seconds on six head, worth $4,250 a man

6. Kolton Schmidt and Patrick Smith, 43.83 seconds on six head, worth $2,000 a man

#16.5 Incentive:

1. Thomas Braman and Kory Koontz, 29.21 on three head, worth $1,500 a man

Short Go Fast Time:

1. Britt Smith and Jade Corkill, 5.81 seconds, worth $800 a man 

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