Kidd V and Anderson Split $90K at the Lone Star Shootout
Cory Kidd V and Caleb Anderson took him $45,000 a man and Bloomer Trailers at the third annual Lone Star Shootout Open roping, produced by Austin Robertson and Robertson Hill Ranch Corrientes.

Cory Kidd V and Caleb Anderson roped three steers in 14.88 seconds to win the average at the Robertson Hill Lone Star Shootout in Stephenville, Texas, leaving with $45,000 each and new five-slant aluminum Bloomer trailers.

The success of the Lone Star Shootout is in thanks to producer Austin Robertson, who’s passion and drive for helping the sport is apparent in his productions.

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“For the ropers is it a very useful trailer for what they do for a living, as well as something those guys will be using ten years from now and it won’t get worn out,” said Robertson, who believes that material prizes can impact the winners lives significantly when done right. “The first year Bloomer trailers stepped up to the plate and provided phenomenal trailers. Going into year two and year three Randy Bloomer wanted to do even more. That’s when we added the hay pod and several other additional features to the trailers as well.”

Caleb Anderson’s Lone Star Shootout Championship buckle. Nikki Freed Photo

Following the format of the infamous George Strait Team Roping Classic, in its third year the Lone Star Shootout continues to grow in quality, payout, and spectators. The ten fastest teams on two head are each taken from five rotations, with a #16.5 incentive, to compete for life changing money. Second to the Bob Feist Invitational, the Lone Star Shootout gives open ropers the ultimate opportunity to rope for a payout that could help carry them on the road to Vegas.

“We didn’t draw perfect the first day,” said Kidd. “Our first steer was strong, we were like 6.5. We were a little nervous on our second one because we didn’t know if we should go catch or try to be fast. We made a good run on the second one—we were 4.7. I think we came back seventh in our rotation, and our short round steer was good.”

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Kidd rode his 11-year-old sorrel gelding he bought from Kaleb Driggers after he had to put his good head horse down in 2017. 

Cory Kidd V’s Thirtyone Circles.

“Me and Kaleb have roped together our whole life,” Kidd said. We grew up together and we’re pretty much best friends. I have been fortunate that my family supports me following my dreams. I have been lucky to have that behind me. I have been blessed to have people that believe in me.”

Kidd and Anderson grew up rodeoing, but not in jackpot country. The North Carolina natives certainly showcased the ability to adapt to jackpot style roping later in one’s career.

Anderson rode his good sorrel Sugar Bear, who carried him to his first NFR last year.

“That horse has so much heart,” said Anderson, who has had Sugar Bear for over a decade. “I am pretty sure if I took the bridle off her and let her do her deal, I’m pretty sure I could have done the same thing at that roping. She goes and finds the right spot. I couldn’t be where I am today without that horse. She might not be the best or the fastest, but she is one-of-a-kind and knows her job.”

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The payout for the two ropers is sure to help them pursue their Thomas and Mack dreams whether it be towards entry fees or personal financial goals.

“My wife (Carrie) is always on my side,” said Anderson, who hopes to put the money in the right places as he and his wife Carrie are considering settling down in Texas and starting a family. “She’s been a big part in all of this, and she has always told me I was good enough. We live with Luke and Lacy Brown, who are like our Texas family. Without them we wouldn’t be where we are at today. We appreciate all that they do for us, as we are trying to get our own life started. It’s all in God’s timing.”

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Full Results:


1. Cory Kidd V and Caleb Anderson, 14.88 on three head, $45,000 each.

2. Britt Smith and Douglas Rich, 15.81 on three head, $25,000 each.

3. Tate Kirchenschlager and Ross Ashford, 16.21 on three head, $17,500 each.

4. Cody Snow and Paul Eaves, 19.09 on three head, $14,000 each.

5. Brenten Hall and Jake Cooper Clay, 20.21 on three head, $10,000 each.

6. Brenten Hall and Tyler Worley, 20.60 on three head, $8,000 each.

7. Riley Minor and Travis Graves, 20.93 on three head, $6,000 each.

8. Andrew Ward and  Billie Jack Saebens, 22.04 on three head, $3,500 each.

Fast Time Round 1

1. Brenten Hall and Tyler Worley, 4.40 seconds, $750 each.

2. Andrew Ward and Billie Jack Saebens, 4.49 seconds, $500 each.

Fast Time Round 2

1. Coy Rahlmann and Brady Norman, 3.88 seconds, $750 each.

2. Luke Brown and Junior Nogueira, 4.02 seconds, $500 each.

Fast Time Short Go

1. Brenten Hall and Chase Tryan, 3.48 seconds, $750 each.

2. Coleman Proctor and Ryan Motes, 4.07 seconds, $$500 each. 

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