Proctor and Long Split $20,000 at Robertson Hill Winter Classic Open
Coleman Proctor and Jake Long roped six steers in 40.33 seconds, pocketing $10,000 each for their win at the Robertson Hill Winter Classic Roping in Perrin, Texas.

Coleman Proctor and Jake Long won the Robertson Hill Winter Classic Open roping after knocking down six steers in 40.33 seconds to take home $10,000 a man.

The large arena and even set of cattle provided a fair chance for ropers. Proctor and Long kept their momentum as the roping progressed and they came back fourth high call.

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“We drew a good steer on our first one and made a good run,” Long, an eight-time NFR qualifier, said. “After our second steer I just thought to stay aggressive and keep my foot down. Coleman did an outstanding job even on the couple steers that were a little stronger.”

Proctor took home an additional $6,000 for placing second in the average with ProRodeo partner Ryan Motes for their time of 41.47 seconds on six steers. He rode his palomino Lena Spark Dun It, also known as Admiral, a horse that has earned him money since he bought him from Zac Small a year ago.

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“I rode him in the grand entry at the Finals,” Proctor, a four-time NFR qualifier, said. “He took my rope at Fort Worth, won second at Odessa, was a bit tight in Denver, but then at the roping he worked the best in the set up. Robertson Hill is a great arena to free a horse up, and Austin did a great job putting it on.”

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Long rode C.J., his 7-year-old roan, who he has been consistently riding at jackpots. Long flew to Texas for the roping between rounds at the Denver Rodeo where he left his main horse.

“C.J. did really good. He is a mild-mannered horse, and does a super good job.” Long said.

Proctor and Motes will rope as regular partners while Long will be heeling for three-time World Champion Clay Tryan. 

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Full Results:

1. Coleman Proctor and Jake Long, 40.33 seconds on six head, $10,000 a man

2. Coleman Proctor and Ryan Motes, 41.47 seconds on six head, $6,000 a man

3. Erich Rogers and Cory Petska, 41.61 seconds on six head, $3,750 a man

4. Blake Hughes and Brady Norman, 46.26 seconds on six head, $3,250 a man

5. Shane Phillipp and John Phillipp, 46.36 seconds on six head, $2,000 a man


1. Kreece Thompson and York Gill, 43.34 seconds on five head, $1,200 a man

2. Brit Ellerman and Trey Johnson, 51.57 seconds on five head, $800 a man

Short Go Fast Time:

1. Manny Egusquiza and York Gill, 5.40 seconds, $500

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