Indian National Finals Rodeo 2023

Trey Begay and Dennison Boone Win INFR Average & World Championship
The 2023 Indian National Finals Rodeo is underway in Las Vegas. These are the INFR team roping contestants, results and schedule of events.
INFR world champions 2023
Bareback: Evan Betony; Steer Wrestling: Tydon Tsosie; Ladies Breakaway: Jane Todacheenie; Saddle Bronc Riding: Cash Wilson; Team Roping: Trey Begay & Dennison Boone; Tie Down Roping: Dontre Goff; Barrel Racing: Grayson O’Connor; Bull Riding: JaCauy Hale; All Around Cowboy: Hiyo Yazzie; All Around Cowgirl: Tara Seaton

2023 INFR Team Roping Results

2023 INFR Final Aggregate Results: Oct. 28

No. HeaderHeelerTime $/man
1Trey BegayDennison Boone21.51 on 4$4,677 
2Westley BenallyHank Benally24.73 on 4$4,067 
3Kesley PhillipsMyles John31.53 on 4$3,457 
4Justin TurnerDention Begay38.77 on 4$2,847 
5Wawa BenRawley Ben48.9 on 4$2,337 
6Gunner PlentyClay Gunshows26.65 on 3$1,627 
7Aaron TsinigineErich Rogers26.77 on 3$1,017 
8Nolan Ryan BurnsideWasey Carviso26.94 on 3$407 

2023 INFR Round 4: Oct. 28

No. HeaderHeelerTime $/man
1Kesley PhillipsMyles John5.2$2,948 
2Trey BegayDennison Boone5.43$2,440 
3Westley BenallyHank Benally5.65$1,932 
4Edward HawleyTrey Nez6.3$1,423 
5Justin TurnerDention Begay8.59$915 
6Wawa BenRawley Ben9.24$508 

2023 INFR Round 3: Oct. 26-27

No.HeaderHeelerTime$ / man
1James ArvisoShawn Murphy Jr4.80$2,948 
2Coleman ProctorGriffin Passmore5.11$2,440 
3Kolton KeplinRope Three Irons5.37$1,932 
4*Trey Begay*Dennison Boone5.55$1,423 
5Nolan Ryan BurnsideWasey Carviso6.00$915 
6Wesley BenallyHank Benally6.60$508 
After Round 3, Trey Begay (Tuba City, Arizona) and Dennison Boone (Tohatchi, New Mexico) lead the average with 16.08 seconds on three head.

2023 INFR Round 2: Oct. 25

1Wawa BenRawley Ben4.87$2,948 
2*Derrick Begay*Brandon Ben4.97$2,440 
3Trey BegayDennison Boone5.38$1,932 
4Westley BenallyHank Benally5.67$1,423 
5/6Talan CumminsWyatt Gibson5.68$711 
5/6Kesley PhillipsMyles John5.68$711 
*After Round 2, Derrick Begay (Seba Dalkai, Arizona) and Brandon Ben (Peridot, Arizona) lead the average with 10.09 seconds on two head.

2023 INFR Round 1: Oct. 24

1Derrick BegayBrandon Ben5.12$2,948 
2Trey BegayDennison Boone5.15$2,440 
3/4Blaine RedhorseCasey Cummins5.75$1,677 
3/4Nolan Ryan BurnsideWasey Carviso5.75$1,677 
5Erich RogersAaron Tsinigine5.96$915 
6Dennis BegayHijo Yazzie6.39$508 

2023 INFR Team Roping Performances:

The 47th Annual Indian National Finals Rodeo takes place at the South Point Equestrian Center, Oct. 24-28, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada. In each performance, the INFR team roping will take place just before the bull riding—the final event. (All times posted are for Pacific time zone, PDT.)

1st INFR Go Round: Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2023

  • 1:00 pm: Timed Event Contestants 1-16 will compete in the positions drawn.
  • 7:00 pm: Timed Event Contestants 17-32 will compete in the positions drawn.
INFR Round 1 Daysheet: First Perf
INFR Round 1 Daysheet: Second Perf

2nd INFR Go Round: Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2023

  • 1:00 pm: Timed Event Contestants 32-16 will compete in the positions drawn.
  • 7:00 pm: Timed Event Contestants 16-1 will compete in the positions drawn.
INFR Round 2 Daysheet: First Perf
INFR Round 2 Daysheet: Second Perf

3rd INFR Go Round: Thursday, Oct. 26, 2023 — 7:00pm

  • After 2 Go Rounds, the bottom 16 contestants in the Timed Events compete.
INFR Round 3 Daysheet: Bottom 16

3rd INFR Go Round Continues: Friday, Oct. 27, 2023 — 7:00pm

  • After 2 Go Rounds, the top 16 contestants in the Timed Events compete.
INFR Round 3 Daysheet: Top 16

INFR CHAMPIONSHIP SATURDAY: Oct. 28, 2023 — 7:00 pm

  • After three go rounds, the top 16 contestants in the Timed Events compete for the Championship.
INFR 2023 Championship Round Daysheet
Team Roping — HeadersTeam Roping — Heelers
1.Westley Benally — Tour Champ1.Wyatt Gibson — Tour Champ
2.Blaine Redhorse 2.Aaron Tsinigine
3.Coleman Proctor 3.Bailey Bearspaw
4.Dennis Begay 4.Brandon Ben
5.Derrick Begay 5.Brooks Dahozy
6.Don Bettelyoun6.Casey Cummins
7.Doyle Yazzie 7.Chops Yazzie
8.Dustin Bearspaw 8.Clay Gunshows
9.Dwight Sells9.Dakota Louis
10.Edward Hawley10.Dennison Boone
11.Erich Rogers 11.Denton Begay
12.Hoss Pepion 12.Dylan Johnson
13.James Arviso13.Griffin Passmore
14.Josh Jumper 14.Hank Benally
15.Justin Turner15.Hiyo Yazzie
16.Kesley Phillips 16.Jim Cole
17.Kolton Keplin17.Levi Bearspaw
18.Nolan Conway18.Myles John
19.Nolan Ryan Burnside 19.Ollie Benjamin
20.Reno Stobner 20.Rawley Ben
21.Ryan Garcia21.Rope Three Irons
22.Talan Cummins 22.Scooter Garcia
23.Tobin Cummins 23.Shawn Murphy Jr.
24.Trey Begay24.Spider Ramone
25.Troy Crawler 25.Trey Nez
26.Ty St. Goddard 26.Victor Begay
27.Wawa Ben 27.Wacey Carviso

How to Watch the 2023 INFR

The only place to watch the 2023 INFR is free on Pluto TV via the PBR RidePass channel. Download the Pluto TV app today. It’s free. Every ride and run will be shown live.

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