Watch a full practice session with Derrick Begay, Aaron Tsinigine and Erich Rogers filmed at the WAR Roping Clinic.

Click to watch “Practice Session | Derrick Begay, Aaron Tsinigine and Erich Rogers”


Warriors and Rodeo has operated as a non-profit since its founder, Sheri Smith, a Navy veteran, secured its 501(c)(3) status in 2015. In recent years, the organization has grown to include operations for Warriors and Recreation, as well as Warriors and Racing. 

Regardless of iteration, WAR operates in service to military, law enforcement, EMS and fire fighters—the ones who protect us here at home. 

“The Warriors and Rodeo Navajo Nation Team Roping Clinic is part of Operation Not Forgotten and Operation Not on my Watch.” Smith explained. “WAR clinics are a great opportunity to not only improve roping skills but to also remind those who serve they are not forgotten, that the WAR and the rodeo industry remember them and their sacrifices for our country. WAR has found that clinics and events like this one bring the connections and friendships that later on have proven to be critical in our war against suicide and PTSD. This clinic is part of a long line of other clinics and events since 2015.”


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