2020 Horses of the Year Are Easy Keepers
Riley Minor’s RK Tuff Trinket, Brady Minor’s Leos Highbrow and Logan Medlin’s Nita Win Playboy are priceless to their people—and also very low maintenance.

Riley Minor’s RK Tuff Trinket, who’s best known as “Bob,” is the 2020 Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Purina Head Horse of the Year. It’s his second time to take this prestigious honor, as Bob also struck in 2018. On the heeling side, big brother Brady Minor’s Leos Highbrow, aka “Sug,” and Logan Medlin’s Nita Win Playboy, who’s “Drago” down at the barn, tied for PRCA Purina Heel Horse of the Year per a vote of the top 25 in the world. All three of these equine superstars are priceless to their people—and also very low maintenance.

Riley Minor’s Bob, 19

What Makes Him Great?
Bob just has so much try every time he leaves the box. He never cheats you out of a throw, no matter if you’re at the NFR, Salinas or Cheyenne. He gives it his all every time. I think that’s what makes Bob special.

Bob Strikes Again: Minor’s RK Tuff Trinket Wins Second Head Horse of the Year Honors in 2020

Easy Keeper or No?
Bob’s a pig. He gets alfalfa and Anderson Hay timothy, and he eats a lot. Some of the best timothy hay in the U.S. is grown right here in this Kittitas Valley where we live.

High Maintenance or Low?
I’d say Bob’s pretty low maintenance. I give him Renew Gold, Zesterra and Formula 1 Noni. He gets Adequan monthly, Previcox in the summertime when we’re traveling hard, and I inject his hocks once a year.

Percentage of Credit Bob Gets for Your Success?
I’ll say 75%, just because I actually have to do something and Bob doesn’t put the rope on the horns for me. He would if he could, but he can’t.

Brady Minor’s Sug, 15

What Makes Him Great?
Sug just does everything really good. He scores, he stays out of your way, he’s easy, he’s got a good stride to him, and he has a really easy stop. He doesn’t make many hard moves. Sug’s just as solid as they come.

Easy Keeper or No?
He’s a very easy keeper, yes. I say he’s 15 going on 8. Sug gets alfalfa hay, and that’s about it from me. When we’re rodeoing, my brother grains Sug when he grains Bob.

No Mistakes: Minor’s Sug Makes It Easy 

High Maintenance or Low?
Sug’s really low maintenance—as low as I’ve had. Riley gives him Previcox when we’re rodeoing really hard and on the road, and I get his hocks done once a year, just because he’s getting older. Sug’s the best horse I have, so I’d do anything for him. He just doesn’t need much.

Percentage of Credit Sug Gets for Your Success?:
I’m going to say Sug is 80% of it. If I’m riding a mediocre horse, I’m not going to be winning.

Logan Medlin is headed to his first NFR this month, and gives his horse Drago 80% of the credit for his success.
Jamie Arviso Photo

Drago, Carrying Medlin to First NFR, Splits 2020 Heel Horse of the Year Title with Minor’s Sug 

Logan Medlin’s Drago, 11

What Makes Him Great?
He’s super easy to catch on. Drago’s not going to take anything away from you. He’s fast, so he gets down the arena good. There’s just not really a situation where you feel like you’re behind on him.

Easy Keeper or No?
Drago’s a very easy keeper. I think you could turn him out in the arena and he would stay fat. The battle is keeping weight off of him. I feed him alfalfa twice a day, and a scoop of grain.

High Maintenance or Low?
Very low. Drago gets Previcox and Platinum supplements. He’s not at the point yet where I just exercise him and don’t rope on him. I practice on him twice a week, and rope four or five steers each time. He’s the kind that feels better when you just treat him like a horse.

Percentage of Credit Drago Gets for Your Success?
I would say 80%. I know exactly what Drago’s going to give me in any situation. And that’s worth a lot. 

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