5 Team Ropers Share Their Favorite Bits
Garett Chick, Tyler Whitlow, Whitney DeSalvo, Kayelen Helton and Brandon Bates share their favorite bits and what they like about them.

Garett Chick

Garett Chick

Bit: 12 Mouthpiece with Floral 65 Shank

Maker: Kerry Kelley Bits and Spurs

Why? My horse works good in this bit. It keeps her head up and keeps her working off her hind end. My horse gets a little strong going to the steers, so I like that this bit helps to keep her in my hand.

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Tyler Whitlow

Tyler Whitlow

Bit: Long-Shank Leather Bit

Maker: TM Bits and Spurs

Why? I think it is really light and has a lot of forgiveness. My horse is light and doesn’t like a whole lot of bit. This is the first one Tristan Mahoney has made. This bit doesn’t have a whole lot of lateral, so the longer shank gives you a more lateral collection.

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Whitney DeSalvo

Whitney DeSalvo

Bit: Floating Correction with a Slow Twist Port

Maker: Kamphaus Bits and Spurs

Why? It’s a lot of bit if you need it, but it keep horses soft. It’s not too much bit that it scares them. Everything that I’ve ever ridden in this bit stays really soft in your hand and that’s what I like the most about it.

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Kayelen Helton

Kayelen Helton

Bit: Long-Shank Dog-Bone Snaffle

Maker: Sonny Silva

Why? I alternate bits all the time just because I don’t want my horses to get bored with something. I like that this bit has enough weight to it and it has some lift to it. I can pick my horses up if I need to, but it’s not something that feels heavy in the mouth. It’s a straight shank, so it’s there when you need it and there is some lift to it so you can keep their shoulder up and keep them picked up the entire time.

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Brandon Bates

Brandon Bates

Bit: Floating Solid Ported Chain Bit

Maker: Gerald Stockard

Why? The cool thing about this bit is that it has a tall purchase in it and the chain links are actually welded solid, but it does float at the cheeks. If you have a horse that wants to get high-headed and be hollow through their back, this bit will help bridle them up to where you have control. You still have some left and right to where you can pick their shoulders up and keep them on their hind end. I use a leather curb strap because the bit can be a lot of bridle and it doesn’t need a severe curb strap. I think with good hands and knowing the purpose of the bit, then you get better results. 

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