Patrick Smith stands next to horse in arena. His right hand gestures toward the horse's bit, indicating how to correctly adjust tack
Pro Tips
Tack Adjustment Basics
Blessing Bits Small Port Chain Bit
New Products: NRS Blessing Bits Small Port Chain Bit
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Ryan Motes' Bit Masterclass 
Cotton_Elliot_ Square
Cowboy-Era Maker: Cotton Elliot Bit and Spurs
OLD SCHOOL: Brad Lund's Matlock Rose Combination Hackamore
Winning the World with a Gordy Alderson Bit
The Bit that Won the 2021 Team Roping Heading World Title
If Spurs Could Talk: JB “Barry” Guillory's Drive to Carry on Tradition
Bit Junkie_4924
Head Up! Hunter Koch's Hackamore Hack
Keeping a Head Horse Soft with Coy Rahlmann's Leon Hughes Bit