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Ryan Motes’ Bit Masterclass 

Watch a masterclass in roping bits with Ryan Motes

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Cowboy-Era Maker: Cotton Elliot Bit and Spurs

Texas bit and spur maker Cotton Elliott learned the old ways of the craft but embraces both the challenges and the opportunities of doing business in this modern world.

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OLD SCHOOL: Brad Lund’s Matlock Rose Combination Hackamore

When Brad Lund feels a horse getting behind the bridle in the box, he pulls an old-school Matlock Rose combination hackamore out of his toolbox.

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Winning the World with a Gordy Alderson Bit

Junior Nogueira's Gordy Alderson Chain Port

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The Bit that Won the 2021 Team Roping Heading World Title

Kaleb Driggers’ Petska Straight Chain.

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If Spurs Could Talk: JB “Barry” Guillory’s Drive to Carry on Tradition

For Louisiana bit and spur maker JB “Barry” Guillory, the true art of his craft lies in the one-to-one connections he makes with his clients, and in his one-at-a-time approach to his product.

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Bit Junkie: Helton’s Gordy Alderson Chain Port

This month’s favorite bit: Kayelen Helton’s Gordy Alderson bit.

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Patrick Smith’s New Bit Line Now at Teskey’s

Patrick Smith teamed up with Teskeys to create the Patrick Smith Bit Line.

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The Trevor Brazile Bit Video Every Team Roper Needs to See

Inside look at Trevor Brazile's tack room and bit collection.

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World Champion Header Clay Smith’s Go-To Bit

This month’s favorite bit: Clay Smith’s Gordy Alderson bit.

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