Bit Junkie: Helton’s Gordy Alderson Chain Port
This month’s favorite bit: Kayelen Helton’s Gordy Alderson bit.

About the Bit:

Kayelen Helton: That was Sugar’s bit. She was very light. She did not like to be pulled on. If I did have to pull on her, it wasn’t so much bit that it scared her. There wasn’t a lot of pressure there. All of my horses are pretty light, so everything is just there if I really need it.

Gordy Alderson: It’s just a chain port with a different shank that I don’t make anymore. I have about 30 of those shanks laying around.

At Home With Kayelen Helton


Helton: The shorter shank didn’t make the bit as severe, and it had a lot of flex. Gordy just kind of made it and sent it to me. I told him I needed something kind of light, but enough there if I needed something. They’re round, so that helps with the bar pressure in her mouth, so she felt that to flex.

Alderson: It just looks good. It has a good purchase and has some weight to it. It’s kind of a swept-back shank. The loose right makes it a little bit slower.

Helton and Stahl Win Inaugural Open Team Roping at The Cowgirl Gathering


Helton: It’s just a common chain port, so you have that relief.

Alderson: I’m not a huge fan of the ported chain, but a lot of people ride them.


Helton: It’s just a chain curb strap. I think it just gives a little more pressure if I need it.

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Bit Logic

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