Do You Really Even Rope If You Don’t Have These 8 DVDs on Repeat?
A prerequisite for solidifying your roll as a real team roper? A stack of essential team roping DVDs next to your TV (and more in your living quarters). Don't worry—we've got you covered.

1. Get the Winning Edge with World Champs Jake Barnes and Clay

From The Team Roping Journal’s own Jake Barnes and Clay O’Brien Cooper, this is one of the roping industry’s founding instructional videos that’s shaped the styles of thousands of ropers along the way. An absolute must-own. Get it on Amazon here

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2. Epic Team Roping with Clay Tryan, Kaleb Driggers, Patrick Smith and Jade Corkill

There’s just nothing else on the market like Epic. Made when Kaleb Driggers was heading for Patrick Smith and Clay Tryan for Jade Corkill, this DVD is the perfect thing to put on in the background of any party full of ropers. It’s filmed while Driggers and Smith and Tryan and Corkill make run after run preparing for the NFR, and if it doesn’t get you pumped up to go outside and work at it, nothing will. Get it on Amazon here. 

3. Speed Williams Team Roping for Kids

Speed Williams has long been roping’s most prolific instructor, a man who won eight world titles in part by breaking down every part of his and his partners’ roping on video. So if your kids want to learn, this is the DVD to watch. Get it on Amazon here.

4. Legend with Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith

In team roping, there’s been Jake and Clay, Speed and Rich—and Trevor and Patrick. This DVD is the culmination of years of partnership that’s resulted in a win at the Bob Feist Invitational, a gold buckle and hundreds of thousands in PRCA earnings. This DVD is packed with information and humor, straight from two legends. Buy it here. 

5. Clay Tryan’s The Perfect Spin

Nobody has dominated the heading game more in the last two decades, from the jackpots to the rodeos, than Clay Tryan. In his exclusive instructional DVD, Tryan breaks down roping into common-sense know-how that will improve anyone’s game. Get it on Amazon now. 

6. George Strait Team Roping Classic

Really, pick any year of the George Strait Team Roping Classic and it’s worth it. But Clay Tryan and Travis Graves’ domination of the jackpot scene is worth owning, culminating with their 2015 GSTRC win. Find it here.

7. Bob Feist Invitational 

Did we mention we love watching Clay Tryan and Travis Graves dominate the jackpot scene? Again—buy any BFI on DVD and it’s well worth it. But there’s something special about watching Tryan on Dew and Graves on Superstar. Talk about horsepower. Find it here. 

8. The Spicer Gripp Memorial Roping

Like long scores and fresh cattle in the Texas Panhandle? The Spicer Gripp Memorial (really any year!) is a DVD worth adding to your collection. Study up on the horsemanship it takes to tackle the elements in Hereford, Texas. Get it here. 

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