Getting Your Rope Horse Looking Sharp with Garrett Tonozzi

Taking you through the feed room of Garrett Tonozzi.

Garrett Tonozzi 

Jamie Arviso Photo

NFR header, 2x WCRA Champ

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Cactus: The Future Soft Head Rope

Wrangler Western Wear

Bex Sunglasses Men’s Salerio X in Black and Grey

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Manzanola Feeds Alfalfa Cubes one large scoop, twice daily $8.95


Purina Strategy Professional Formula GX Horse Feed, twice a day 


Crude Protein: 14.0% 

Crude Fat: 6.0% 

Crude Fiber: 12.5% 

Starch: 18.0%


Pozzi’s OXY LOX, one scoop daily 45 lb, $399  

Mag-Max, one scoop daily  

45 lb, $275

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