Leave a Legacy: Flexion by Legacy

Classic Equine's latest sport boots: Flexion by Legacy

Classic Equine

[Flexion by Legacy]

Available from Classic Equine dealers, $99

This boot begins with Legacy’s iconic sport boot design, but includes an innovative layer of FP 360™ protection that improves the comfort, fit, and support of Classic Equine’s patented cradle fetlock support system. The Flexion’s FP 360™ cradle support features a high-tech, thermo-formed outer layer of connected cells that move to support and protect the lower limb. As the horse moves, the Flexion adjusts its support in real time to remain connected and supportive, even in the most competitive runs and athletic maneuvers. Available in black and white.

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Flexion by Legacy Front Boots

Flexion by Legacy Hind Boots

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