New Products: NRS Exclusive Decatur Rose Headstall
Shop the NRS Exclusive Decatur Rose Slit Ear Headstall by Cowperson Tack


[NRS Exclusive Decatur Rose Slit Ear Headstall by
Cowperson Tack], $110

Make your headstall stand out with this custom NRS/Cowperson Tack buckle. Made with three different metals, the buckle is called the “Decatur Rose.” This is the first of four floral buckles NRS will be releasing this year as part of its Artisan Floral Collection. This buckle is pictured on a 3/4” slit ear headstall, equipped with premium bit tie ends. 

[Shop: Cowperson Tack] 

Decatur Rose Slit Ear Headstall

Cactus Slit Ear Headstall

Cowboy Slide Ear with Copper Cross Buckle Headstall 

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