15 Came to Play: RFD-TV’s The American Cowboy #10 Draw
The American Cowboy #10 short round details.

Fifteen teams qualified to rope their short round steer at RFD-TV’s The American at AT&T Stadium by roping all three steers at the Decatur, Texas, NRS rope-off Saturday morning, March 2.

The American Cowboy #10 marks the culmination of a qualification journey that began in June 2018, with ropers entering American Cowboy #10 qualifiers at World Series of Team Roping and USTRC jackpots across the country. Teams who made it out of their qualifiers then had to match another team locally to earn their spot in Texas.

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Sunday, March 3, teams seven through 15 will rope at the AT&T Stadium at 10 a.m. before the rodeo’s round of eight begins. The top six teams from Decatur will rope before the Top 8 Open team roping.

The American Cowboy #10 is its own event held within the RFD-TV’S The American. These teams will not be roping for the million, but their own payoff which has now exceeded $709,000. The #10 ropings at the WSTR have always been the highest paying ropings and now they have the chance of a life time to rope for the big bucks on the big stage.

Note from Denny Gentry:

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The Start

“It’s just going to be an electronic barrier. It’s going to be set up pretty short just like the open roping so they ought to be able to get a roll at these cattle pretty good.”

When To Watch:

“The #10 is going to be the first event of the second performance. They run it like two rodeos. They have the round of eight and then the round of four at the end. We’re going to be right at the beginning of the round of four, so we will be right in the middle.”


“Jeff Hilton is the stock contractor for it. He brought over a full load of the steers to Decatur (Texas). They are the same herd of cattle that they are roping in the Open.”

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Top 15 Teams

1. Karen Little and Willie Moreland, 26.46 seconds on three head

2. Justin McMillion and William Evans, 27.25 seconds on three head

3. Cassie Hambrick and Mike Hughes, 28.14 seconds on three head

4. Natie Johnson and Eddie R. Scogin, 31.20 seconds on three head

5. Shawn Felton and JB Kirchenschlager, 32.43 seconds on three head

6. Bobby Jean Colyer and Scott Myers, 33.15 seconds on three head

7. Raymond Havens and Franks Simpson, 34.53 seconds on three head

8. Jimmy Jay Donaldson and Travis Seaton, 35.09 seconds on three head

9. Heath Crofford and Curtis McKnight, 35.34 seconds on three head

10. Bret Carlson and Travis H. Klingeman, 36.00 seconds on three head

11. Josh Wilkerson and Slade G. Witbeck, 39.56 seconds on three head

12. Terry Crawford and Murphy Black, 43.42 seconds on three head

13. Tim Weyer and Bing McGuire, 45.09 seconds on three head

14. Kyle Stephens and Michael Raney, 45.30 seconds on three head

15. Jorge Ramirez and Gilberto Porras, 46.15 seconds on three head

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