Bird Tops $1-Million in Career Earnings
Dustin Bird crosses $1-million mark in Pro Rodeo earnings.

Montana header Dustin Bird topped the PRCA’s $1-million earnings mark in early June while roping with Trey Yates and Sid Sporer in Canada and Montana.

“I am not sure where $1 million went, but it’s been a heck of a ride,” Bird said. “I’ve had some great partners and great horses, and my family has supported me in good times and bad.”

The lion’s share of Bird’s million came aboard his great mare Dolly—My Frosty Cocoa—whom he still rides on occasion. He’s roped with the likes of Russell Cardoza, Ryan Zurcher, Tyler McKnight, Paul Eaves, Chase Tryan, Jimmy Cole, BJ Campbell, Ryle Whitford, Murray Linthicum and Shawn Bird, and has earned money heading, heeling and tie-down roping.

“I don’t know how much longer I want to rodeo,” said Bird, who is roping in 2019 with Yates. “I’m pretty excited about roping with Trey and buddying with Rogers and Paden. I’m getting used to these new horses now and we’ve got everything set up pretty good.”

Bird has Doc, a 2005 gelding who came from Kaleb Driggers, as well as Puppy, a 2011 gelding from Chad Masters, in the rig to replace Dolly this year. 

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