Cowboy Kings: Elite Four Top Hands Who’ve Won BOTH the BFI and Cinch Timed Event Championship
Here are the four cowboys who've won the Bob Feist Invitational AND the Cinch Timed Event Championship.

Two of the toughest cowboy events—the Cinch Timed Event Championship and the Bob Feist Invitational—will happen back-to-back at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma, for the first time in 2021. 

The CTEC runs March 11-13, pitting 20 of the best hands in the timed event game head to head over five rounds, while the BFI on March 14 will test 130 of the top teams over six head in the Lazy E’s red dirt arena. While this is the first time these events will run concurrently in Guthrie, lots of top cowboys have competed at both across the decades. Only four men have won both ultra-cowboy, prestigious events. Here they are.  

Brazile earned $811,000 in CTEC competition. Courtesy Lazy E Arena

Trevor Brazile

Trevor Brazile added the BFI win to his collection in 2013, heading for Patrick Smith and stopping the clock six times in 40.54 seconds. At the Feist, Brazile has won $89,066.10 in his career. He’s won the CTEC a record seven times, in 2015, 2009, 2007, 2006, 2004, 2003 and 1998—the year before he made his first Finals, kicking off his career financially. Brazile has banked a massive $811,000 in CTEC competition. In 2021, he won’t compete at the CTEC but will heel for Miles Baker at the Feist. 

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Leo Camarillo’s 3.3-second CTEC steer wrestling record still stands. Courtesy Lazy E

Leo Camarillo

The late, great Leo Camarillo won the BFI with Tee Woolman in 1980 with a time of 67.03 on six head, earning a total of $16,312.80 in his many appearances at the BFI’s multiple venues. He holds the  CTEC bull dogging record with a 3.3-second run, and won the event in 1985 and 1989. In his CTEC history, Camarillo owned an impressive $99,999.99.

Dee Pickett, Bob Feist and Mike Beers with son and future NFR header Brandon in his arms. Brenda Allen Photo Courtesy BFI

Mike Beers 

Mike Beers won the BFI in 1987 with Dee Pickett with a time of 56.78 on six head. In his many Feist appearances, Beers has earned $50,553.10. Sadly, 2021 will be the first year in the event’s storied history that Beers will not compete at the Feist. He won the CTEC in 1986, and has a total of $116,000 earnings at the Lazy E’s premier event. 

Kevin Stewart and K.C. Jones with Bob Feist Courtesy BFI

K.C. Jones 

A cowboy’s cowboy from Wyoming, K.C. Jones won the BFI in 1994 with Kevin Stewart and has earned $27,241.50 at the Feist over the years. He’s won the second most CTEC titles to Brazile, in 2012, 2001, 1999, 1996 and 1993, and he finished second in 2019 to earn an impressive $493,500 in Timed Event competition. He will return again in 2021 with back number 13. TRJ

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