Etbauer Re-Enters 2019 Cinch Timed Event Championship Fray
After taking a year off to recover from a broken arm, Trell Etbauer will be back at the Lazy E Arena March 8-10 for the Cinch Timed Event Championship.

Goodwell, Oklahoma’s Trell Etbauer will return to the Lazy E Arena for the Cinch Timed Event Championship, following a one-year hiatus caused by a broken arm at his circuit finals last year. 

After former Cinch Timed Event Champion Daniel Green bowed out of competition for family reasons, Etbauer jumped at the chance to get back in the mix of the cowboy’s ironman event. The Cinch Timed Event Championship tests 20 of the best timed event hands over five rounds in the heading, heeling, tie-down, steer wrestling and steer roping.

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“It’s an event for me, because I used to ride broncs and rope calves and steer wrestle,” Etbauer, a four-time PRCA Linderman Award winner, said. “I’ve always wanted to go to it and see if a guy could win it. Winning it is kind of like winning the world for me because it’s so prestigious.”

Etbauer and Corduroy James Phifer Courtesy Lazy E

Etbauer, who has over $400,000 in PRCA earnings, will spend the next few weeks preparing for the event, focusing on his two weaknesses: the heading and heeling. 

“We had a trip planned to take my little girl to Disney,” Etbauer said. “So when I got the call, we still wanted to go through with it. Now as soon as I get home, I’m going to get on my heeling. Ever since I’ve been going to the Timed Event I’ve made it a goal to work on my heeling. It would be a lot easier if I could figure that out. I have a Smarty sled, and I’ll go rope a bunch with Jett Hillman. My Uncle Billy has a lot of boys around there who rope. Last year I spent some time with Shannon Frost. I take the help wherever I can.”

Etbauer heeling in 2017. James Phifer Courtesy Lazy E Arena

Etbauer will return to the Lazy E without the help of his father’s iconic roan stud Rambo—registered as Berts Sunny Dee—who he used in multiple events in his previous Cinch Timed Event appearances. This year, he’ll have with him his dun calf horse Corduroy, Travis Sheets’ steer roping horse and his own bull dogging horse he calls Star. A 5 header and 5 heeler, Etbauer is still undecided on the heading and heeling horses that will make his job easier. 

Full contestant roster:

Trell Etbauer of Goodwell, Oklahoma

Cody Doescher of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Clay Smith of Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Jo Jo Lemond of Andrews, Texas

Marcus Theriot of Poplarville, Mississippi

Lane Karney of Creston, California

*Joel Bach of Rhome, Texas

Kyle Lockett of Visalia, California

Cash Myers of Athens, Texas

Paul D. Tierney of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Rhen Richard of Roosevelt, Utah

KC Jones of Burlington, Wyoming

Erich Rogers of Round Rock, Arizona

Landon McClaugherty of Tilden, Texas

Shay Carroll of Hico, Texas

Jess Tierney of Hermosa, South Dakota

Shank Edwards of Tatum, New Mexico

Trevor Brazile of Decatur, Texas

Clayton Hass of Stephenville, Texas

And Jordan Ketscher, the 2018 Ironman Champion of Squaw Valley, California

*Joel Bach replaces Russel Cardoza for the 2019 CTEC due to medical circumstances.

* Trell Etbauer replaces Daniel Green for the 2019 CTEC due to a family illness.

Jr. Ironman Roster: 

Quade Hiatt of Canyon, Texas

Trevor Meier of Garden City, Kansas

Hiyo Yazzie of Brimhall, New Mexico

*Cole Walker of Sparta, Tennessee

Charles Tyler West of Mertzon, Texas

Allen Morse of Dawson Springs, Kentucky

Rylen Sutherland of Benton, Kentucky

Laine Moore of Albertville, Alabama

Rowdy Norwood of Amarillo, Texas

Dillon Jones of Weir, Mississippi

*Cole Walker replaces Cole Dodds for the 2019 Jr Ironman.

Jr Ironman contestants will compete in three performances consisting of Heading, Heeling, Tie Down Roping and Steer Wrestling. This will determine the next young champion and winner of $10,000. TRJ 

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