Full List of 2019 Cinch Timed Event Championship Contenders

Here are the cowboys who will compete at the Lazy E Arena's 2019 Cinch Timed Event Championship in Guthrie, Oklahoma March 8 through 10, 2019.

Daniel Green of Oakdale, California

Cody Doescher of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Clay Smith of Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Jo Jo Lemond of Andrews, Texas

Marcus Theriot of Poplarville, Mississippi

Lane Karney of Creston, California

*Joel Bach of Rhome, Texas

Kyle Lockett of Visalia, California

Cash Myers of Athens, Texas

Paul D. Tierney of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Rhen Richard of Roosevelt, Utah

KC Jones of Burlington, Wyoming

Erich Rogers of Round Rock, Arizona

Landon McClaugherty of Tilden, Texas

Shay Carroll of Hico, Texas

Jess Tierney of Hermosa, South Dakota

Shank Edwards of Tatum, New Mexico

Trevor Brazile of Decatur, Texas

Clayton Hass of Stephenville, Texas

And Jordan Ketscher, the 2018 Ironman Champion of Squaw Valley, California

*Joel Bach replaces Russell Cardoza for the 2019 CTEC due to medical circumstances. 

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