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The Heel Horses of the 2024 American Rodeo
The American Rodeo's heel horses are the cream of the cow horse crop, and in 2024 the winningest horses in the world will be in Arlington.

This year’s American Rodeo heel horses are stacked with the predictable cow horse blood you’d expect from any team roping, with one grade horse in the mix, too.

Kaden Profili—who gets the honor of roping last in the Round of 10 as the highest-placing contender—will be riding the only mare in the pack as well as the youngest horse in the Gunnatrashya daughter, Gunnabeanangel.

Of note: of the 10 horses, only two share a grandsire, either maternal or paternal. Those two horses are Travis Graves’ JJ Little Christicat and Billie Jack Saebens’ Metallic Twist, who both have the paternal sire, High Brow Cat.

1. Hunter Koch: Smart Little Cab

Smart Little Cab

2. Nicky Northcott: Undecided

3. Colter Todd: TRR Big Hustler

4. Travis Graves: JJ Little Christicat

JJ Little Christicat

5. Buddy Hawkins: X

Coy Rahlmann Blue GRADE

6. Logan Moore: Twist On Line

Twist On Line

7. Jake Long: JC Bar Diamond

JC Bar Diamond

8. Billie Jack Saebens: Metallic Twist

Metallic Twist

9. Wesley Thorp: Little Hickory Boon

Little Hickory Boon

10. Kaden Profili: Gunnabeanangel

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