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Studs Streakin Irish Relic and Collen All Chics Get Riata #9.5 Win
Have you ever seen two stallions win a #9.5 roping?
Streakin Irish Relic and Collen All Chics
Jessica Koppitz and Streakin Irish Relic and Cody Marx and Collen All Chics after winning the #9.5 at the 2023 Riata Buckle. | TRJ File Photo

When was the last time you saw a team of stallions win a #9.5?! Only at the Riata Buckle.

Jessica Koppitz on proxy head horse Streakin Irish Relic and Cody Marx riding Collen All Chics by Smart Chic Olena earned the $112,060 and Gist Buckles for their time of 38.28 seconds on four steers in the Riata #9.5, the final roping of the $2.6 million event on Nov. 5, 2023.

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Cody Marx Collen All Chics
Cody Marx and Collen All Chics in the Riata Buckle #9.5 winner’s circle. | TRJ File Photo

Full Results 2023 Riata Buckle

The old-school 2006 model Collen All Chics is by Smart Chic Olena and out of Collenanic by Reminic. The stallion has long been a great rope horse, shown in AQHA competition years ago by Marx across all the roping events, earning 266.5 points and $5,806 in QData earnings in 13 years of competition. His owners were getting out of the breeding business, so they gifted the horse to Marx and his wife for a wedding present.

Collen All Chics pedigree

“I’ve been around this horse for over 10 years, and he’s just a good athlete and a gentleman,” Marx said. “My 14-year-old daughter heads on him, my wife breakaways on him. We had pretty much retired him, and this Riata Buckle deal came up and we found out his sire was in it. We just pull him out and use him for this. And he’s just a good horse. We made a joke that 1980 showed up to the Riata Buckle because they’re older bred horses. He’s got a lot of butt drag, he can move his feet, and he’s really really broke. He’s been around for a long time.”

Stallion Streakin Irish Relic
Stallion Streakin Irish Relic in the Riata Buckle Winners’ Circle. | TRJ File Photo

At the other end of the spectrum is, Koppitz’s 8-year-old stud Streakin Irish Relic, who was only started in the roping 60 days before this year’s Riata.

“He’s Andrew and Heather Leepers’,” Koppitz said. “They wanted him to be a head horse, and he’s done phenomenal. They showed him in the working cow horse, and he’s been a head horse 60 days., and he showed very well today. We’re going to just go on and show him at the AQHA shows. He’s not very excited about much.”


Party. It. Up. Y’all just won $112k. 🎉 Your 2023 @RiataBuckleOfficial 9.5 champions are Jessica Koppitz and Cody Marx aboard stallion Collen All Chics, by Smart Chic Olena, to earn $112,060 in the final roping win and richest Riata Buckle check of the weekend at the @Lazy E Arena in Guthrie. Stay tuned for the story and results in bio, brought to you by @Cactus Ropes | @Cactus Saddlery . #TeamRoping #RiataBuckle

♬ Party Up – DMX

The duo had just under 12 seconds to seal the deal in the high call spot.

“I want to say I wasn’t nervous, but yes I was,” Koppitz said. “But as long as I stay distracted and don’t pay attention to what’s going on in the roping, I can do OK most of the time. I didn’t listen to any of the announcer telling me what to be.”

“I was just trying to work it out in my head what I was going to do—basically just try to catch him,” Marx added. “She made it easy for me, and she did a great job.”

Cody Marx and Jessica Koppitz
Cody Marx and Jessica Koppitz winning the #9.5 Riata Buckle. | Andersen/CBarC Photo

The celebration for Marx, a horse trainer by trade, was extra sweet. He and his wife are expecting a baby, so the financial windfall is a huge bonus for them in this season of their lives.

“When you get a check like this, it sure makes things a little easier,” I train horses for a living, so any time you get a bulk check like this, it makes the year go by a little easier. I probably need to buy some more alfalfa, that’s just the way it goes.”

9.5 All Age Results
138.28Jessica KoppitzCody Marx$112,060 
H: Rt Jet BlueH: Collen All Chics
S: MP Jet to the SunS: Smart Chic Olena
240.53 Jim Bob Fritz$77,580 
Steve NorthingtonH: Cat Man San
 S: Cat Man Do
341.69Logan LoiselleJim Bob Fritz$60,340 
H: Cowboyz Guns N CashH: Cat Man San
S: Cowboys CartelS: Cat Man Do
441.77Autumn BenavidesBruno Paoliello$47,410 
H: Trr Pepcids PickH: TRR Lucky Brazos
S: PepcidS: Pepcid
542.44Jim BrinkmanClayton Schlenger$38,790 
H: Diva Jo JackyH: Edie Joe Cat
S: Dukes N DivasS: Mia Browbeater
642.99Nathan GolayRonnie Robinson$30,170 
H: Lk Metallic SkylineH: Rebel Wood U Play
S: Metallic CatS: Metallic Rebel
743.74Nic ZobelJeremy Johnson$25,860 
H: Show Me A Song RayH: Mea Joes Jewel
S: Show Me A Song JoesS: Show Me A Song Joes
845.21Rick Plummer $21,550 
H: Hat Six Hitch HikerRyan Plummer
S: Travelin Jonez 
945.43Dwight AdamsRob Stevens$17,240 
H: Sue C Time
S: Hickory Holly Time
142.44Jim BrinkmanClayton Schlenger$32,000 
H: Diva Jo JackyH: Edie Joe Cat
S: Dukes N DivasS: Mia Browbeater
245.66David LeetonWaylon Davis$24,000 
H: Blazin Cash JetolenaH: Reydium Cat
S: Blazin JetolenaS: Metallic Cat
349.01Alex JamesDee James$16,000 
H: Maid Royally
S: Once In A Blu Boon
450.57Autumn BenavidesButch Whitten$8,000 
H: Trr Just A HillbillyH: Critical Review
S: PepcidS: Catty Hawk
Fast Time Rot 1
18.88Colby HirtClay John Anderson$3,000 
H: Westerns GunagetH: Doctor Stylish
S: GunagetwesternS: Lena Stylish Doc
Fast Time Rot 2    
17.74Lucas GoehringLogan Allen$3,000 
H: Sf Playin FourH: Sf Cat For Hire
S: Four Bonnie BayS: Hired Gun
Fast Time SGO
18.4David LeetonWaylon Davis$3,000 
H: Blazin Cash JetolenaH: Reydium Cat
S: Blazin JetolenaS: Metallic Cat

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