Kollin VonAhn Strikes Texas Best Futurity Gold on SS Platinum Cat
Kollin VonAhn and SS Platinum Cat won the Texas Best Futurity's 4-Year-Old Heeling Title in Graham, Texas, April 15.

Kollin VonAhn and SS Platinum Cat won $7,700 for a score of 925.27 on four head at the Texas Best Rope Horse Futurity in Graham, Texas, April 15, notching a big win for VonAhn and the special 4-year-old he bought with big futurity wins in mind.

By Platinum Vintage and out of the Boomernic mare Cat Can Boom, SS Platinum Cat came into VonAhn’s program specifically to win at the futurities. So far, so good.

“I bought the horse, really and truly, to try to win the 4-year-old futurity in Fort Worth,” VonAhn, 39, said. “And I bought him with the intention that he’s a showy-type horse. But he will make a rodeo horse. I told Trevor (Brazile) the other day, as much as I try to get ahead in this deal and think my 4-year-olds coming up are twice as good as they are last year, I get to the show and it’s humbling. The whole thing is way better and everyone keeps getting way better. I want to rodeo and have my futurity stuff far enough along to jump right in the buggy and be right along with everybody else—but that’s starting to be a figment of my imagination. It’s all tough right now.”

VonAhn bought SS Platinum Cat from Cole Clement in St. George, Utah, as a 3-year-old who’d already had quite a bit of time on cattle.

“Since he was already so far along, I just went slow,” VonAhn said. “He’s a good-natured horses, and my little girl can ride him and play with him. It’s been laid back for him. For me, it’s about making sure he enjoys his job and keeping it real simple.”

The two-time gold buckle winner has been home the last few years in between heeling for Brandon Webb at the rodeos and jackpots, working on his horsemanship and young horses. But in 2023, VonAhn is heeling for BFI Champ Jake Cooper Clay and getting a good refresher on how grueling the rodeo trail can be.

“I drove to from Logandale to San Angelo, then slept a couple hours and went to the futurity,” VonAhn, also a three-time NFR average champ, said. “I could have pretty easily stayed home, but I told my wife Angie (Meadors) I bought that horse to show it. If there was ever a chance to show him, this was it.”

Luckily for VonAhn, the hard-running cattle created the perfect setup for his little yellow heel horse.

“It was full contact, and honestly, what makes that horse unique is the harder it is, the harder that horse tries,” VonAhn said. “Before I went to that deal, I’d been told it was too hard. I had the help of Clint Summers, though, and he’s exceptional to heel behind. He did such a great job. He handles the steer but keeps enough pepper on them so you can show them. He’s just good. He won’t break the barrier and he’ll turn the steer. He’s as good of help as a guy could get.”TRJ

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