Brazile and Bama Fury Notch Second Futurity Title of 2023 at Texas Best
Brazile got his second futurity win of the year on Bama Fury, his prolific run-cow cross.
Trevor Brazile Bama Fury
Trevor Brazile and Bama Fury winning the 2023 Texas Best Futurity. | Shelby Lynn Photo

Trevor Brazile’s run-cow cross 4-year-old Bama Fury proved stellar at the Texas Best Futurity, leading the pack with a 934.37 worth $6,035 for four runs.

The hard-running steers tested the field, but Brazile and “Bugatti” had the run and rate to make solid runs across all four steers, winning $800 for a second-round topping 236.37. The horse also picked up the win at the Royal Crown’s 4-&-Under Futurity in Buckeye this February.

Trevor Brazile Jake Long
Trevor Brazile spins a steer for NFR heeler Jake Long to win the Texas Best 4-Year-Old Futurity April 15, 2023. | Shelby Lynn Photo

“That horse is like an old soul,” Brazile said. “He’s a little bit longer, taller than your stereotypical, quick-feet, adjust-on-the-fly type horse. But he’s defied that. He reads a steer well, moves his feet, and it always surprises me how well he stands in the box for how fast and quick-footed he is. I know it doesn’t matter what they run in there. He’s never going to max him out. He’s fast and has a great mind.”

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The Relentless Remuda bought Bugatti early in his 3-year-old year, with Miles Baker spending 6 months on him before Brazile took over on the fine-tuning for competition.

“I’m emotionally attached to him,” Brazile said. “I’m not wild about selling him. That horse could do whatever, for whoever. You see run-cow crosses to where you see one side or the other dominate. That’s what I thought was the case, until you started calling on him in different maneuvers and he’s suddenly able to do all these things he’s not supposed to do. Physically looking at him, you see the run, but riding him, you feel the cow.”

The horse is close to 16 hands, and he’s got a big stop—regardless of his size. His sire is Bamacat, who stands at the 6666s—an NCHA world champion stallion who earned $352,857 in his career by all-time-leading sire High Brow Cat. His dam—Pops Zoomin Fury—is an AQHA race winner by Furyofthewind, an AQHA racing sire whose progeny have amassed over $7 million in earnings on the track.

“In the evolution of the rope horse breeding, we don’t know if 50% cow 50% run is the deal, or if it’s 25% here and 75% there or what the perfect combination is going to be,” Brazile said. “We’re in uncharted waters. We’re going to see a lot of great horses because of it. But I don’t think anybody knows that magic. There’s no one-size fits all right now, you can have certain studs that clean this and that up on certain types of mares. That’s why, as our program develops with these hybrids, that we’ll have a stallion core as much as a single stallion.” TRJ

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