Lone Headers Make Top 5 Moves in December
The current USTRC Resistol Jr. Champion standings.

In the USTRC Resistol Jr. Championship race, Grady Harris of Vilonia, Arkansas, became a Top 5 header after a trip to Texas. In the USTRC Cinch Ladies race, Bronte, Texas, header Glover Coats rang in the New Year with a climb to No. 3.

USTRC Resistol Jr. 

In the USTRC Resistol Jr. Championship race, 16-year-old Grady Harris of Vilonia, Arkansas, traveled to the Hill Productions Team Ropings’ Northeast Texas Winter Classic in Sulphur Springs, held Dec. 16–18, 2022. There, the 4.5 header earned 27 points total across the #11.5 and #10.5. In the former, he took first and fourth place for 17 points. Then, in the #10.5, he again won the roping for another 10 points. 

Grady Harris and Colt Bryant at the Northeast Texas Winter Classic.

Added to the 27 points Harris had already earned in Texarkana, Arkansas, at November’s Four States Winter Classic—also produced by Hill Productions—he now has 54 points in the standings, currently worth the No. 5 hole.

2022–2023 USTRC Resistol Jr. Champion Standings 

(as of 1/5/23. Go to USTRC.com for current standings.)

HEADING                       POINTS           HOMETOWN

1. Walker Guy 128 Waynesville, North Carolina

2. Aiden Perrett 109 Luverne, Alabama

3. Parker Guy 73 Waynesville, North Carolina

4. Cole Lansford 56 Childersburg, Alabama

5. Grady Harris 54 Vilonia, Arkansas


1. Houston Childers 116 Fairmount, Georgia

2. Lucas Koehn 95 Macon, Mississippi

3. Brit Smith 71 McDavid, Florida

4. Kelby Frizzell 46 Sterling City, Texas

5. Walker Guy 44 Waynesville, North Carolina

USTRC Cinch Ladies

Glover Coats of Bronte, Texas, put her finishing touch on 2022 with a seventh-place finish at the Dec. 30–Jan. 1 Super Bowl in Guthrie, Oklahoma. There, the 4.5 header roped in the #10.5 Legends for a seventh-place finish, worth 4 standings points. The gain also led to a one-hole hop up the charts to No. 3 with 36 points. 

Now, Coats sits a point behind No. 2 Christa Jarriel and 2 points ahead of Carrie Blanton, who was bumped to No. 4.

2022–2023 USTRC Cinch Ladies Leaderboard 

(as of 1/5/23. Go to USTRC.com for current standings.)

HEADING                                 POINTS           HOMETOWN

1. Tracey Nelson 38 McDavid, Florida

2. Christa Jarriel 37 Collins, Georgia

3. Glover E. Coats 36 Bronte, Texas

4. Carrie Blanton 34 Mathews, Alabama

5. Anna Gregory 30 Amarillo, Texas


1/2. Staci Mitchell 19 Carbondale, Kansas

1/2. Voy McNeil 19 Bosque, New Mexico

3. Sally Ball 13 Max Meadows, Virginia

4/5/6/7/8. Makayla Osborne 9 Fayetteville, W. Virginia

4/5/6/7/8. Rylie Heath 9 Atkins, Virginia

4/5/6/7/8. Sherry Robinson 9 Cimarron, Kansas

4/5/6/7/8. Kyra Hendren 9 Albuquerque, New Mexico

4/5/6/7/8. Christine Talton 9 Pueblo, Colorado

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