Masters and Graves Lead Pendleton on Two Head
Masters and Graves look to secure WNFR trip with win on the grass.

Chad Masters and Travis Graves are 14.2 on two head at the Pendleton (Ore.) Roundup, including a 5.7-second second-round run that’s currently tied for second in the go. 

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Graves is eighth among team roping heelers in the PRCA world standings with $79,361, but Masters is on the bubble at 15th with $70,670. He’s currently $6,819 ahead of reigning world champion Levi Simpson at 16th. 

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“We’ve been roping good so we’re not really too worried about it,” Graves said en route to St. George, Utah’s Dixie Roundup. “Chad has seven rodeos left. The pressure isn’t getting to me.”

Pendleton, Ore.: (IN PROGRESS) First round: 1. Clayton Hass/John Robertson, 5.6 seconds, $4,294 each; 2. Tyler Milligan/Shank Edwards, 5.7, $3,734; 3. Riley Minor/Brady Minor, 6.1, $3,174; 4. Austin Stafford/Dayton Stafford, 6.2, $2,613; 5. Jesse Northrop/Kurtis Barry, 6.3, $2,053; 6. David Temple/Tee Jay Brown, 6.4, $1,493; 7. Justin Farber/Garrett Busby, 6.7, $933; 8. (tie) Bryce Palmer/Bo Patzke, Logan Olson/Kyle Lockett and Rhett Anderson/Brady Ramone, 6.8, $124 each. 

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Second round leaders: 1. Erich Rogers/Cory Petska, 5.6 seconds; 2. (tie) Brandon Beers/Cesar de la Cruz and Chad Masters/Travis Graves, 5.7 each; 4. Lane Ivy/Buddy Hawkins II, 11.4; no other qualified runs. Average leaders: 1. Chad Masters/Travis Graves, 14.2 seconds on two head; 2. (tie) Clayton Hass/John Robertson and Erich Rogers/Cory Petska, 5.6 on one head each; 4. (tie) Tyler Milligan/Shank Edwards and Brandon Beers/Cesar de la Cruz, 5.7 each; 6. Riley Minor/Brady Minor, 6.1. 

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